4E Who is active? Who is on an adventure and who is looking to join?
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    Who is active? Who is on an adventure and who is looking to join?

    I was thinking maybe there should be an OOC thread where Players can post their PCs Status. You can take a gander at the tavern to get a clue but not everyone is as active between adventures in roleplaying at the tavern and unless you know all the PCs it isn't always obvious what type of PC is currently unemployed.

    I suggest we keep a cearinghouse type of thread, preferably sticky, where players and DM post the status of their PCs.

    It might look like this:


    Active Players

    Adventure X

    PC A (Leader)
    PC B (Defender)
    PC C (Defender)

    Adventure Y

    PC D (Controller)
    PC E (striker)
    PC F (inactive leader)

    Adventure Z : DM inactive as of 25/07/2009

    PC G (Defender)
    PC H (controller)
    PC I (striker)

    Looking for an Adventure:

    PC J (Leader)
    PC K (Striker)
    PC L (Striker)

    (Ranked in order of the most days spent off adventure to the least)


    To keep it up to date, you just need Players and DMs to report their status (i.e. at the end of an adventure, a PC looking for a game post in the thread, A DM with an inactive player or players with an inactive DM report it in the thread).

    The creator of the thread then edit the OP. At the pace games are opening and closing, it doesn't strike me as a big job.

    This would have several benefits:

    1 - In the interest of fairness, DMs could, if they want, account for the the amount of time a PC had to wait before finding a game. They still have the right to select specific PCs for the purpose of sequels, of course, but it does underline the fact that some players have been waiting longer than others.

    2 - A DM with an inactive players could PM a prospective replacement and arrange for him to join. I'd suggest simply PMing the PC of an appropriate role/level who is the highest on the list of PC wanting to join.

    i.e DM of adventure Y should PM PC J.

    3 - It reminds the community if a game is inactive.

    4 - It might help a prospective DM plan his next adventure.
    No leader available, hmm, what to do?
    Hey, there is about ten PC free and no upcoming adventure, maybe I could do a a Fire! style adventure to employ some of the community
    Hmm, only 4 PCs looking for a job, maybe I should put my Fire! style adventure on ice.

    5 - Since this only includes the active players, this give a more accurate picture of what race/class are in overabundance and which are scarce, which I believe is a good tool for players making new PCs.
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