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    Monster Of Legend TEmplate

    Hi again,

    I wanna know if a PC cna choose the Monster of Legent TEmplate(MM2)?? is it possible?? and is there anything that i must know apart from everyting that the MM2 says in that section??? CAuse it doesn't say that it increase the lvl adj of the base creature.

    thnx for your time again.


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    I wouldn't give it all away at once. It's LA is like +7 or something huge like that. I saw it once upon a time ago on the Savage Species board back on WotC's forums, but they're down until Wed (or so), so I can't even give you a link. I'd of course look at the revised 3.5 version of it because it's not as powerful as its 3.0 counterpart, but no, there's nothing stopping you from giving it to a player aside from the basic prereqs, and there being some kind of really incredibly awesome back story as to how the character gained access to it. It was bestowed up them, their parents were one, a Wish spell, etc. But unless the character's starting out at lvl 8, do it in increments. As for the 3.5 update, it's on the main WotC site under downloads.

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    As Kevin says, you want the 3.5 update booklet, which you can download here. It tells you the modifications to the template, including LA (which is base creature's LA +7, as Kevin also says). Do note that the update info for the template mixes up info for the template and the sample creature, but I think it's just the space/reach, skills, and feats that deal with the sample minotaur.

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