Hello all!

What do you do when your character is a Mike Tyson with the intelligence as Hannibal and charisma as Kasparov, whilst the ability method is point-buy of 32 points? That's were I am now; My character is a native from Chult whose size equals a pro-boxer - lacking a neck, of course. He is extremely intelligent, and a master of psychology and the body language. Have you ever seen Garry Kasparov playing a game of chess? He psychs his opponents by looking at them with a half-opened mouth. My character does that while in combat to gain advantage. When he has it, he slashes the enemy in pieces in a fierceful rage with his two knives!

These stats fits my picture of him:

STR 16
DEX 14
CON 16
INT 16
WIS 10
CHA 15

But that's rather high - especially using 32 points.

Any ideas? By what you know, do you think I could lower any stats but still fulfill my demands?

Thanks in advance!