What does Ectoplasm look like?

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    What does Ectoplasm look like?

    What exactly is ectoplasm? I was thinking specifically of psionic powers like Wall of Ectoplasm. The power descriptor says, You fashion a roiling wall of ectoplasm, imbuing it with solidity. and then later says the wall of Opaque. So, it should be visible, unlike a Wall of Force.

    However, for powers like Ectoplasmic Form, it says the ectoplasm is translucent.

    Then, for Ectoplasmic Shambler, it is described as Ephemeral.

    Astral Constructs are solidified ectoplasm.

    If something is opaque, you can clearly see it, as opaque means it does not allow light to pass through it. However, if something is translucent it does allow light to pass through it... while ephemeral means short-lived.

    Is it just some sort of goo that is either opaque or translucent, depending on the power?
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    I think it looks like it needs to look to fulfill its purpose. E.g. a Wall of Ectoplasm is made up of matter (unlike a wall of force), and thus must be quite dense to make a barrier.
    I always picture it the way it's described in the Dresden Files: translucent goo, but only when inanimated. As long as it's used by a spirit as a vessel, it looks like that being wants it to look.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NewJeffCT View Post
    What exactly is ectoplasm?
    Is it just some sort of goo that is either opaque or translucent, depending on the power?
    See "Ghostbusters". That is all.
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    I would go with Ghostbusters II since that has rivers as well as "Walls of Ectoplasm"

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