Coming next month from 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming is Paths of Power: A Sourcebook of Base & Prestige Classes. The PDF will be released in late October, with the print edition following close behind in early November. Paths of Power is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible product.

Paths of Power introduces 5 new base classes (Anti-paladin, Gladiator, Samurai, Voyageur & Witch), 1 new class option (the Elemental Wizard), 3 new NPC classes (Captain, Courtier & Sycophant), and 3 new prestige classes (Child of Bast, Crypt Stalker & Envenomed).

In addition to the classes, the book will have new feats, new skills & new uses for existing skills, new spells, new equipment & magic items, and new organizations for characters to join (or fight against!).

Paths of Power will be 80 pages, physical product will be softcover, perfect bound, PDF price will be $10.95US, print price will be $18.95US. Look for the print product to be available for pre-order via Indie Press Revolution sometime in mid-October.

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