An even greater peril awaits with More Brutes!

Precis Intermedia has released More Brutes, an expansion for Brutes, the fantasy miniatures microgame that pits vicious fighters against each other. Priced at only $1.95 for this printed expansion, More Brutes extends the game with 12 new Disposable Heroes« characters; 15 new character, weapon, and armor gimmicks/traits; and a brief summary of the exotic bloodlines.


The Brutes fantasy miniatures microgame includes paper miniatures with full game statistics to represent the characters, so no extra paperwork is required. Brutes is easy to learn and quick to play. In fact, those familiar with New World Disorder should pick it up right away. This low-cost printed game is priced at only $2.95, but is also available for FREE with the purchase of any physical product(s) directly from Precis Intermedia. Visit the Precis Intermedia web site for more information.

"I can honestly say, this is one of the BEST miniature games I have ever played... Do yourself a favor and pick up this game. You won't be disappointed!"

"Not only did I get this game for free with my Two-Fisted Tales order, but I'm just as excited about it as I am about Two-Fisted Tales. They both rock!"

"The best part of this game is that we don't need pen and paper. All the stats are right on the minis."

Incorporating one of the first e-publishing RPG companies, Precis Intermedia is known for its diverse line-up of clear and concise games. Precis Intermedia's current game lines include Two-Fisted Tales for thrilling pulp action; New World Disorder, Warcosm, and A Fistfull of Miniatures for miniatures gaming; HardNova 2, Coyote Trail, EarthAD 2, Mean Streets, and Ghostories for low-cost, ready-to-play entertainment; Active Exploits Diceless for universal diceless roleplaying with that familiar 'dice' feel; Story Engine for scene and adjective-based, collaborative roleplaying; and more.