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    Hi all! My wife and I just welcomed our second son into the world on Monday! Mommy and baby are both doing well. As you might guess, I'll be on a bit less for a few weeks, as we've got our hands full between the newborn and our almost-three year old!

    Gary Hoggatt - www.garyh.net
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    Congrats, garyh! We are expecting in January ourselves.
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    Congratulations on your new son! Condolences on your loss of sleep for the next two months or so!

    "I always wanted a son, but I wanted one a little younger than myself. " -Tevye, Fiddler on the Roof
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    Quote Originally Posted by stonegod View Post
    Its likely google trying to be "smart" and not forwarding mail that came from self.
    Yeah, I don't see my own submissions either until somebody responds to them. But Mikara did come through; I saw it. And, uh, filed it to look at later. Along with the rest of them.
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    Congrats on your second son Garyh! It's good of you to bring yet another potential recruit to living 4th edition !

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    Quote Originally Posted by garyh View Post
    Hi all! My wife and I just welcomed our second son into the world on Monday! Mommy and baby are both doing well. As you might guess, I'll be on a bit less for a few weeks, as we've got our hands full between the newborn and our almost-three year old!

    Congratulations on your second kid, Garyh!

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    'grats Gary, having two boys of my own, make sure in a couple years you have a lot of band-aids and ice packs for all the 'ouchies'

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    Congrats garyh!

    Oldest of two boys here, and as r1 said, ice packs and bandages. Don't get to frustrated when they fight as they grow... They'll get over it before too long.

    Enjoy your joy.

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    First, gratz garyh!

    Second, I have a question. I know familiars can normally only talk with/understand their master, but what about familiars that grant languages? It seems odd to bind an imp or demon and have it give a language, but have it clueless if another demon/devil talked to it? I don't know if this has come up before so I thought I'd ask.

    PS: Oh, in case you're wondering about the question, I'm leveling up and I'm thinking about taking a familiar.

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    Maybe it's just pretending to not understand. And doing a really convincing job at it.

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