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    In that case, I think I've edited everything. Will see if I can get on the other computer now to send the email.

    Do I need to relink when I send the reply, or just note the updates have been made?

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    Question: Anybody know or remember if there has been a Beastmaster Ranger created yet? I was in the process of making one up and thought if someone else has done one, it might be good to copy their character wiki page.

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    Finnian is a beastmaster.

    L4W:PC:Finnian (weldon) - ENWiki

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    I hope I don't sound too impatient. I have one approval thus far.

    Around how long does it take for one to get the final approval for a character? I can wait, I'm just wondering so I don't keep refreshing the page thinking, "Maybe now he got looked at."

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    Just reviewed him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ozymandias79 View Post
    Just reviewed him.
    Woohoo, thanks muchly.

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    FYI. I'll be out of action on Monday, it's Thanksgiving here in Canada and I'll be recovering from Sunday's two dinners (one at noon the other at five) to be in the mood to do much.

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    Hm... I probably should have asked this earlier, but is one allowed to have their Dragonborn possess a tail? It's purely for cosmetic/fluff reasons, but I figured I oughta check first. Is there a place where I need to request permission for this?

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    Stop him! He's going to break L4W with his powergaming!

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    The basic philosophy in L4W is that character details that are non-mechanical in nature are largely anything-goes (provided that you don't interfere with other extant fluff (PCs, setting, etc))

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