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    They've never shown any hesitation before to make multiclass feats that are just like regular feats but with a few extra bonuses.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalidrev View Post
    You currently can't do so in DDI (even though I don't see ANY reason why not.
    Can't comment on what DDI does, but unless they change the wording of the monk ability, the monks strike IS a weapon from the unarmed group and as such would be available to anyone taking it as a weapon proficiency feat. They would have to add something to exclude it in the description to invalidate it's use with the feat.

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    What Kal's saying is that it's not an option in the character builder to select as one of the weapon proficiency options.

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    Sorry I haven't been around the last few days, but things have gotten dicey here. Long story short, I need another day or two before I can devote time or energy to posting. To my GM and players, sorry, mates, and I'll get back on the horse soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by renau1g View Post
    What Kal's saying is that it's not an option in the character builder to select as one of the weapon proficiency options.
    As I said, I can't comment on what DDI does or why it does it. I can only comment on what was printed in dragon. Going on that I stand by my last post, that monk strike as it currently stands is a viable option for the weapon proficiency feat.

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    Based on having put a fairly high level monk through the CB last night, I'm convinced that the Monk as we know it is nowhere near finished. Brokenness abounds -- not in the sense of overpowered stuff, just lots of things that pretty clearly weren't thought through all the way.
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    Hey, I just wanted to make sure my character(Montroya, deva invoker) level up email was received by the judges.

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    If I look at the Dragon magazine, I think the monk weapon is not usable by other class (yet).

    [QUOTE=Dragon Magazine 375]Unarmed Combatant
    You can make unarmed attacks with much greater effectiveness than most combatants. When you make an unarmed attack, you can use the monk unarmed strike, which is a weapon in the unarmed weapon group.[/SBLOCK]

    This is the class feature description. Sure, the monk unarmed strike is treated like any weapon, but as it is a class feature of the Monk, I don't see anyone able to use it without a multi-class feat. But I wouldn't be surprise to see that feat coming with PHB3 and then, you could probably use the Weapon Focus (Unarmed) and other wepaon feat on it. After all, you can even enchant it like a weapon.
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