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Thread: Thank You

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    You've been nothing but awesome, Scott - a real good sport and sense of humor.

    Hope things work out for you, and you stick around! The place wouldn't be the same without THe Rouse!


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    While I've never been a fan of 4e, and WotC's decisions over the past several years haven't flown well with me, you've been a class act. You've been approachable, and I've never doubted your sincerity towards the fanbase and the RPG community as a while. Good luck in the future!

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    Responding quickly before the thread blossoms:

    Scott, thank you for going to bat for us gamers as often as you did. I wish you nothing but the best for the future, and hope that whoever succeeds you can fill your shoes in terms of keeping open channels with the community. Good luck and Godspeed, don't be a stranger here, etc.
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    Best of luck Scott.

    WoTC will be poorer without you.
    Originally Posted by diaglo
    Olgar Shiverstone or other new edition DM: so i've gotta wrap up the campaign..
    diaglo: we could play OD&D(1974) the only true game. All the other editions are..
    other gamer: i could run a campaign set in space with ninja pirates.
    other gamers: done. when do we start.

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    This is a huge loss for WoTC. I wish you all the best, Scott!
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    Thanks for all you have done Scott, and good luck on whatever you end up doing next!
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    I don't think D&D 4e could have been the obviously awesome success that it is without you at the helm. Thanks and good luck!
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    Good luck Scott! I hope to hear about some new kickbutt project from you soon. I know I'll buy it.
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    Sorry to hear you are leaving WOTC Scott, good luck with your future endeavours and thank you for putting up with all our whining

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    Scott, you've been nothing but a pillar of good humour on this board. I wish you well, and you'll be missed as an insider for us D&D nerds.
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