3.5 The First (IC) (d20/3.x D&D)
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    The First (IC) (d20/3.x D&D)

    You are the First Generation to walk the new world.

    It is the dawn of time for this plane, the dawn of the 8th day of your lives, and mere weeks or months since simple plants and animals were first placed on this world. The gods of the new world have placed you here, though many of you aren't even aware of the gods at all, while the rest have only a faint recognition of what god created them. Most of you have some idea of what purpose your life was made for, but all feel that at least you were created for some reason, even if you aren't all certain what that reason is.

    It is springtime, you are aware of that much. Plants are growing and bearing fruit all around you, though you know not all of it is safe to eat (exactly which ones aren't safe is another matter...). Animals are everywhere in the wilderness, all emerged from their winter burrows or other nesting places and foraging or hunting for food. Some of you have the skills to be the hunters, or at least forage safely, while others must rely on the supplies left to them by their creators and whatever the rest of the group provides.

    The winter snows have melted away by this point, and the climate is temperate. Clouds can be seen gathering to the south today, high over the sea. A lone sun shines golden in the sky by day, and a pale blue moon crosses the sky by night against a backdrop of stars and inky darkness.


    The world is a strange and dangerous place to you, but also rather exciting. You've avoided being eaten by wolves or butchered by a crazed orc. You have a whole world to explore and only a handful of people to share it with as far as you can tell. Eleven people gathered in the makeshift camp you've made, along the banks of a shallow section in the stream flowing south to the sea, the beach a few miles away from here.

    Surrounding you is forest, a large woodland of deciduous plants like oak, willow, maple, birch, and elm trees, as well as periwinkle, honeysuckle, lavender, manzanita, and other shrubs. South along the coastline is a bamboo thicket, especially to the southwest, interspersed with copses of teak trees and other plants that aren't found near your camp. You've seen or heard wolves, monkeys, rodents, snakes, deer, boars, birds, fish, and various insects so far. There are a scarce few clearings in the forest, but none near the stream, and a few of you have seen caves and hills to the north, northeast, or northwest.

    Your camp is a collection of tents and lean-tos on the eastern and western banks of the stream, which is shallow enough here for even Elldar the gnome to wade across roughly knee-deep. Theris Blackhammer, the female dwarf and premier craftswoman of the camp, helped Angrboda set up a simple fence two days ago for her animals, and a very basic, cage-like pen for the chickens at night. Everyone has their own corner of the camp, though some have chosen to keep their tents or lean-tos close to each other for safety or companionship.


    Seshani's tent and Tianulien's hammock are arranged next to Theris' lean-to shelter, near the western bank of the stream and at the southwest corner of camp. Jaegar set up his tent close to Angrboda's, the northwestern corner of camp. Pyre has rested, when he has nothing better to do, in a 10-foot-wide area that the group has cleared of plants, at the northeast corner of camp and furthest from the stream.

    The rest of the men in camp (Elldar, Falryn, Forge, Kaznak) have set up their places around the eastern and southeastern corners of the camp. Metliz has rested, well, wherever she prefers. Theris' portable forge and other materials are at the middle of camp by the west bank, and Angrboda's fence is a bit further west of that work area.

    Since Tianulien and Falryn require little rest, they tend to serve night-watch duties (alternating the past two nights, with one on patrol as the other 'trances'), while Pyre maintains a vigil over most of the camp's eastern side at night. These arrangements, of course, have only been in place for a few days.


    Metliz and Tianulien were the first to make camp near here, a few days ago, after meeting each other and hearing wolves active nearby. They moved downstream a few miles and set up camp here, and the rest of the group trickled in. Forge stumbled upon their camp and managed to garner enough trust to be allowed to stick around, offering greater protection from the wolves. His paladin nature lent him an attitude and presence that just seemed more trustworthy than most.

    They were joined a while later by Seshani, Jaegar, and Pyre, the latter two of which had been found by Seshani while wandering the woods. Seshani convinced the three at camp to let the others stay nearby for mutual protection and perhaps mutual aid. It didn't hurt that Seshani knew how to forage and find safe, edible plants for the people at camp.

    Theris Blackhammer discovered the camp a bit later, and made herself part of the group without asking the others' consent or opinion, but soon proved her worth as a craftswoman, though not until after she dragged Jaegar off to help fetch her crafting supplies. Elldar joined the camp later that day, having slipped away from the wolves a day or two prior and then wandering until he found this group.

    Falryn was found in the wilderness by Seshani the next day, and brought to the camp. Tianulien has behaved a bit oddly around him, pleased to meet him at first and then alternating between aloof and trying to teach him how to sing or dance. A wolf tried to snatch Elldar away that night while he slept, but Falryn and Tianulien drove it off before it could cause the gnome much harm. After some basic treatments and some rest, Elldar has recovered from the light injury on his left leg.

    Angrboda discovered the camp, partly due to Seshani's wanderings, and became part of the group the day after the near-gnome-snatching. The same day, Theris and Jaegar returned with supplies, and Theris began forging items and crafting a fence with Angrboda and a bit of help from Tianulien. Jaegar and Angrboda seemed to get along well shortly after meeting, at least so far.

    An orc ran through camp on the sixth night since everyone's birth, waving a greataxe around and frothing at the mouth, but was driven off by Falryn, Forge, and Pyre before he could do any real damage. Kaznak the dwarf was found by Seshani on the seventh day and brought to the camp, receiving little recognition from Theris or the others so far, besides Seshani who talks to everyone.


    It is now the dawn of the 8th morning of your lives. Seshani scrounges up some apples, assorted berries, and rabbits for the group's breakfast.

    Well, it's later than intended, but here's the IC thread.

    Please post OOC comments/discussion in the recruiting/OOC thread. If you must use OOC in this thread, put it in spoiler blocks like I've done.

    Check the recruiting/OOC thread for NPC descriptions and such, if confused. Edit: Added links to each PC's and NPC's sheet to their first mentions up above.

    The Starting Roster:
    GlassEye.........Angrboda, N female Hu-Charad Giant, Wood Witch
    Willette...........Elldar, NG male Forest Gnome, Artificer
    rangerjohn.......Falryn, CG male High Elf, Duskblade
    HolyMan..........Forge, LG male Human, Paladin
    Dragonwriter....Kaznak Valignat Garkuun, LG male Hill Dwarf, Dragonfire Adept
    Voda Vosa.......Metliz, CG female Human, Air Shugenja
    Theroc............Pyre, NG male Flamekin, Brightsoul
    NPC................Jaegar, LN male Hu-Charad Giant, Ritual Warrior
    NPC................Seshani, N female Bamboo Spirit Folk, Sha'ir
    NPC................Theris Blackhammer, LN female Hill Dwarf, Expert
    NPC................Tianulien Amarastaeia, CG female High Elf, Bard
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