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    Here's what I have for the net worth of our characters...
    • Drivan - 1831 gp
    • Emral - 1888 gp
    • Finnian - 2278 gp (2798 w/ Sword of Five Elements)
    • Vaunea - 1519 gp

    Current unassigned treasure includes...
    • 730 gp (from Swillwort and Marco)
    • Cloak of Distortion +1
    • Potions of Healing (x2)
    • Scroll of Disenchant Item
    • Bag: Contains 200 gp worth of residuum.
    • A shattered lamp whose broken lenses radiate a strong magical aura
    • A small chest containing 90 gp and a 100 gp gem.

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    Staff of Light
    You can only have one light spell cast at a time, just to let you know...

    It's a special as part of the Light spell. Although the first one would last 5 minutes. That's a lot of minion killing ability. But would you really buy a 4th level item for 1 fight?

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    More Bookkeeping...

    Oh, and don't forget that y'all can sell your mundane items to increase your available gp for gear.

    If Vaunea gets enchanted armor, I'd suggest going with plate-mail, since it costs just as much as other enchanted armor.

    Finally, I've finished going through everyone's character sheets. I've added the accomplishments to everyone's sheets and a spiffied up version of the item table.
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    I don't believe fighters have the ability to wear plate mail. It would require a feat change......

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    Sorry. Still thinkin' in 3E...

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    That's OK. Vaunea will want to continue with the arena, as long as we put up a good enough fight for our man there.

    And if I do, I can maybe see Swillwort some other day, if I decide to change feats at level 3, with his magical switch magical properties over item.

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    Block Reklaw

    Staff of Light
    Yeah I'd buy it for one fight, only 840gp, how much will your armor be? Tempted to pick it up and hold on to it in case we run into undead a second time...

    Moh's magical item
    How much gold do you need for your armor? I'm thinking the 730 plus the 200, plus the 190 might be enough, but let us know how much you need!

    Awesome, can't wait for the second adventure!

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    It's level 4, so 860. So, the 660, plus residium, will be enough. And my remaining gold can go back to the party. This way, we aren't carrying around 70 gp worth of residium, or anything.

    As Vaunea rounds the corner from Mikey's place, she comes to a halt and backtracks to Mikey's doorstep. Upon arrival, she knocks on his door.

    After being beckoned to enter the lab, Vaunea draws her Large Battleaxe (non-magical) and presents it to Mikey. "Mikey have. Remember Vaunea. Tasty potion. Save friend's lifes." She obviously doesn't do a great job with words, but the intent is most definitely clear, as she turns once again, and leaves Mikey's lab to head for...

    It seems as though Vaunea wouldn't know exactly where to go. We'll assume that if people didn't spend the night at Marco's, they have spent it at the tavern/inn...

    the tavern.
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    Vaunea hears Mikey sniffle, then break into open weeping as she leaves.

    Let's assume Finnian and Emral are at the tavern (because Finnian woke up with his arms draped around a companion). Emral will be too hung over to do diddly until FitD returns...


    Weldon, you might consider upgrading Finnian to hide armor, since he's going to be an upclose fighter...
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    Block weldon

    Location, &tc.
    I say we assume that all three of us (Emral, Drivan, and Finnian) wound up on Swillwort's porch together.

    I'd like to buy hide armor and a throwing hammer. I would RP it but I wanted to get consensus on where Finnian is located at the moment.

    Also, can I buy a +0 magic throwing hammer that returns when thrown but doesn't have any bonuses?
    Future Adventures
    I love that we are thinking about staying together. Finnian needs some friends to help him find his way. I think I'm almost more excited about the next side adventures than the fights.
    Level 2!
    Almost forgot to mention that my level 2 review was approved.
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