Baradur's End - Part III

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    Baradur's End - Part III

    In the dead of night, the party waits, both eager for and fearful of the approach of daylight and what it may bring.

    The night passes without incident - only the beating of hearts and the intake of breath can be heard in the deepest darkness.

    As light approaches, the party rouses itself. As expected, a search appears to be on - just barely visible beyond the trees, a small group of men - perhaps a dozen - appear to be performing a methodical sweep near the compound that was the scene of the fighting the night before.

    The party creeps slowly away, careful to remain concealed in the far-away trees. A few minutes later, another search party comes into view from the north - it appears to be the same size as the first, and joins up with it. Mere seconds later, a third party comes from the south to join up with the other two.

    The entire spectacle seems rather abstract and distant for a while, until the combined enemy force, a few dozen strong, forms up, turns vaguely in the direction of the party, and begins to move. Your hearts, human and otherwise, begin to pick up speed themselves as it becomes apparent that the enemy, three dozen strong, is marching in your direction!

    OOC: This is part III in a series - part II can be found here. The above is the last 'action' post from Part II.
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    OOC: Main party - what do you do? Run? Hide? Fight? (ha ha good luck ) To the east are further trees, and about a mile beyond that a long stretch of swamp stretches out. Reminder - Joshua has not yet made his daily use of the teleportation/homing-device/stone/thingy.

    Bavak and Jack - please hold - your DM will be with you shortly.

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    ooc: Running seems like the way to go. If we try hiding, someone is sure to roll a 1 on their stealth and we'll end up fighting. But which way? Presumably we can see which way they're coming, and go at right angles to that so they'll pass us by. Unless they spot us...
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    The big dragonborn looked carefully in the direction of the large search party, drawing his heavy sword almost reflexively as he watched. "Are we going to stand and fight? I'd hate to take on that many men at once..." Despite his words, it was obvious from his tone and his expression that he would NOT, in fact, hate to face so many foes- he would relish such a challenge.

    OOC: Trees to the east, right? Which direction are the searchers in?

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    While the party mulls their next move, a shout can be heard from one of the search parties to the west. Seconds later, a hail of arrows (about half a dozen) lands about twenty feet to the west of the party.

    OOC Searchers are to the west. It is hard to tell how far they are - they could probably catch up to you in a minute or two if you stand still. Trees/forest are to the east, and beyond that is a desolate swamp. Some patches of a broken-down road run parallel to the forest north and south about half a mile east of here

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    Rellek quickly withdrew his bow, Friends our time for departure has come. We must make haste so that friend Joshua might perform the ritual, I suggest we make haste for cover.

    OOC assuming the party are with this, Rellek is happy to lead the party with Covaithe away form our persuers...


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