D&D 4th Edition News
  • The Goblin Hulk A 48 page 4e Dungeons and Dragons campaign sourcebook as a free PDF download from Role Playing Public Radio. The Goblin Hulk is over 17,000 words, contains 5 new monsters, 2 new templates and 7 major areas. It is usable in most campaign settings and can easily be converted for any fantasy RPG system.
  • Zone Effects In Use Clint has posted a short report with photos on how he used the Zone Effects and how well they worked in play.

D&D 3.5/OGL News
  • Monster Madness: Golcodulus The RPG Examiner introduces the Ondoculi guard dog, dangerous beasts who breathe two different kinds of breath weapons.
Pathfinder News
  • Interview with Ben McFarland Rite Publishing has released the first part of their interview with the ENnie award winning game designer Ben McFarland (Tales of Zobeck) as he discuss his latest project Breaking of Fostor Nagar (for Pathfinder), what attracted him to the project, his design philosophy, and his opinion on the cartography of Jonathan Roberts.
  • Add a Little Chaos Alluria publishing released the Remarkable Xax PC race for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game today.
Other News