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[imager][/imager]A brand new column starts here on EN World today. Not just a column, either - this is the first installment of the serialization of Jonny Nexus' hilarious novel, Game Night.

This isn't a preview or an excerpt - we'll be publishing the whole novel for free in 26 weekly installments. One chapter per week for the next six months.
The Riddle was old, for it was as old as the Gate, and the Gate had guarded the head of the Valley since men first walked upon the World. The words of the Riddle were an ancient secret, passed down from father to son, from grandfather to grandson, from uncle to nephew, and – in at least one case – from the most distrusted old man in the village to his worryingly young “friend”.

For more than five hundred generations a succession of Gatekeepers had kept their lonely vigil, climbing the steep winding valley each day to arrive at the Gate before sunrise, returning home to the village below only once the sun had set. Seasons came, and seasons went and still the Gatekeepers sat, and waited, through scorching sun and biting hail.


Eridu had been guarding the Riddle for fifty-two years now, ever since it had been entrusted to him by his father, as the old man lay dying from the cancer in his bones.

“The Visitors will come,” his father had told him. “As it says in the Prophesies, so shall they come.”

For fifty-two years Eridu had sat by the Gate, and in that time there had been no Visitors. Visitors, yes: curious children from the village; lost travellers; roving tax collectors convinced he was running some kind of scam. But none who greeted him as the Prophesies foretold.

Soon his vigil would end. He would pass on the secret of the Riddle to his great-nephew Pannon, and the five hundred and seventh Gatekeeper would be replaced by the five hundred and eighth.

Not today though. Not today.

Eridu waited.

D&D 4th Edition News
  • Pre-Order Azagar’s Book of Rituals Pre-Order the print edition Azagar’s Book of Rituals at a specialty game store or the Goodman Games online store and get a free e-book edition as well.
  • New at the World of Farland: the latest chapter in the Darmon saga, “Strife on the Northern Banks”; a conversion of the Lord of Pride (15<SUP>th</SUP> level solo soldier); and an update of the Farland metaphysics, planes, and genesis story for 4E rules.
  • Virtual Combat Cards v1.0 Virtual Combat Cards has just released version 1.0.0. with new features. Virtual Combat Cards is a Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition combat tracker that runs on any computer and keeps track of all the information so that you, the DM, can focus on making your game more fun for everybody.

D&D 3.5/OGL News
  • Monster Madness: The Harvestman What looks like a six-fingered giant hand with an evil face? The Harvestman: part hand, part spider, all ventriloquist’s nightmare.
Pathfinder News
  • Ashton Sperry's Paper Minis‏ Rite Publishing has released its first set of paper miniatures by artist Ashton "N'wah" Sperry (Pathfinder Paper Minis). This set contains monsters and NPCs from the adventure "A Witch's Choice" part I of the Rituals of Choice adventure path, and includes all the statblocks for their use in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
  • A theatrical adaptation of Paizo's Ennie-winning adventure "Burnt Offerings" has gone on stage at a middle school in Portland, OR.
  • Paizo has started the open playtest for the Cavalier and the Oracle, two of the classes that will appear in the upcoming Advanced Player's Guide. Additional classes for playtesting will follow at two week intervals.
  • The Snail is last in Remarkable RaceThe Zif, the last of the Remarkable Races by Alluria Publishing is now available for Pathfinder.
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  • Jonathan Roberts Tutorial Jonathan Roberts' latest map, The Dragon's Lair, is the subject of a tutorial series he is writing for readers of