Bards and Sages Publishing announces the release of its newest 3.5/OGL supplement, Adventure Havens: Guild Houses. Guild Houses offers twelve ready-to-use guilds for players to join. Develop their skills, buy and sell wares, and find new quests! Each guild includes a complete history of the guild, information on important NPCs, and story seeds that can be easily folded into any existing fantasy campaign. Add a new level of depth to your world, with 12 unique guilds that can provide a wealth of storytelling opportunities. Also find new rules for crafting masterpiece items. Also included three separate NPC lists sorted by CR, Race, and character name to help you quickly find what you need.

Each installment of the Adventure Havens series provides storytellers with plenty of pre-generated NPCs and unique locations that can add a new layer of originality and realism to an existing campaign. Why spend hours populating all the potential places your players will want to visit?

Adventure Havens: Guild Houses is available at