3.5 3.5E Nehaschimic Dragons
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    3.5E Nehaschimic Dragons

    Well, since we never got official versions of the other two Nehaschimic Dragon types mentioned in the Epic Bestiary (Volume 1), and since I had experience working out the numbers for such a beast (namely, the Firmament/Brane Dragon), I decided to make versions of the Black Hole Dragon and Quasar Dragon for my own use. I'm not sure how closely my versions will/do match what UK himself had in mind for them; these are my own creations based on the clues I have (mostly, the lines mentioning them in the Bestiary). Hopefully other people who wanted to see them will find these useful- and if UK is willing to specify how his versions are different, perhaps we'll have official 3.5 versions yet.

    Since UK's moving on to all-4E design, and doesn't seem to have started much dragon work yet given how the first monster book is a Vampire Bestiary, I trust I'm not stepping on any toes here. My versions are of course 3.5 since that's what I run (more or less).

    Singularity Dragon
    Black Hole Dragon

    Macro-Tiny Dragon (Extraplanar)
    Environment: Any (usually deep space)
    Organization: Solitary
    Challenge Rating: Wyrmling 512; Very Young 536; Young 560; Juvenile 584; Young Adult 608; Adult 632; Mature Adult 656; Old 680; Very Old 704; Ancient 728; Wyrm 752; Great Wyrm 776
    Treasure: None
    Alignment: Always Neutral
    Advancement: Wyrmling 513-535 HD (Macro-Tiny); Very Young 537-559 HD (Macro-Tiny); Young 561-583 HD (Macro-Tiny); Juvenile 585-607 HD (Macro-Tiny); Young Adult 609-631 HD (Macro-Tiny); Adult 633-655 HD (Macro-Tiny); Mature Adult 657-679 HD (Macro-Tiny); Old 681-703 HD (Macro-Tiny); Very Old 705-727 HD (Macro-Tiny); Ancient 729-751 HD (Macro-Tiny); Wyrm 753-775 HD (Macro-Tiny); Great Wyrm 777-799 HD (Macro-Tiny); Great-Great Wyrm 801-823 HD (Macro-Tiny)
    Level Adjustment: Wyrmling +256; Very Young +268; Young +280; Juvenile +292; Young Adult +304; Adult +316; Mature Adult +328; Old +340; Very Old +352; Ancient +364; Wyrm +376; Great Wyrm +388

    As the singularity draws closer, space pinching itself out of existence in front of you, you get the unnerving impression of motion. With time pinching out along with the space ahead, the vast singularity is all you can see before you, expanding to fill all the existence you have left. It is not until you notice the suspicious regularity of the six lobes of the "accretion disk" (could those be... wings?) that you recognize the serpentine shape of the event horizon itself- which is now unfolding and extending a large forward portion like some sort of mouth or head- towards you. By then, you realize, it is far too late.

    Singularity Dragons By Age
    AgeSizeHit Dice (hit points)ACBase Attack/GrappleAttackFort SaveRef SaveWill SaveBreath WeaponMind Warp DC
    WyrmlingMa-T512d1000+8,192 (520,192 hp)649 (-128 size, +128 deflection, +64 divine, +64 gravitic mastery, +511 natural)+512/
    +552n/an/a+51424d20 HD (DC 410)522
    Very YoungMa-T536d1000+11,792 (547,792 hp)709 (-128 size, +132 deflection, +80 divine, +80 gravitic mastery, +535 natural)+536/
    +612n/an/a+56425d20 HD (DC 460)570
    YoungMa-T560d1000+15,680 (575,680 hp)769 (-128 size, +136 deflection, +96 divine, +96 gravitic mastery, +559 natural)+560/
    +672n/an/a+61426d20 HD (DC 510)618
    JuvenileMa-T584d1000+19,856 (603,856 hp)829 (-128 size, +140 deflection, +112 divine, +112 gravitic mastery, +583 natural)+584/
    +732n/an/a+66427d20 HD (DC 560)666
    Young AdultMa-T608d1000+24,320 (632,320 hp)889 (-128 size, +144 deflection, +128 divine, +128 gravitic mastery, +607 natural)+608/
    +792n/an/a+71428d20 HD (DC 610)714
    AdultMa-T632d1000+29,072 (661,072 hp)949 (-128 size, +148 deflection, +144 divine, +144 gravitic mastery, +631 natural)+632/
    +852n/an/a+76429d20 HD (DC 660)762
    Mature AdultMa-T656d1000+34,112 (690,112 hp)1009 (-128 size, +152 deflection, +160 divine, +160 gravitic mastery, +655 natural)+656/
    +912n/an/a+81430d20 HD (DC 710)810
    OldMa-T680d1000+39,440 (719,440 hp)1069 (-128 size, +156 deflection, +176 divine, +176 gravitic mastery, +679 natural)+680/
    +972n/an/a+86431d20 HD (DC 760)858
    Very OldMa-T704d1000+45,056 (749,056 hp)1129 (-128 size, +160 deflection, +192 divine, +192 gravitic mastery, +703 natural)+704/
    +1032n/an/a+91432d20 HD (DC 810)906
    AncientMa-T728d1000+50,960 (778,960 hp)1189 (-128 size, +164 deflection, +208 divine, +208 gravitic mastery, +727 natural)+728/
    +1092n/an/a+96433d20 HD (DC 860)954
    WyrmMa-T752d1000+57,152 (809,152 hp)1249 (-128 size, +168 deflection, +224 divine, +224 gravitic mastery, +751 natural)+752/
    +1152n/an/a+101434d20 HD (DC 910)1002
    Great WyrmMa-T776d1000+63,632 (839,632 hp)1309 (-128 size, +172 deflection, +240 divine, +240 gravitic mastery, +775 natural)+776/
    +1212n/an/a+106435d20 HD (DC 960)1050
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