Monday, November 30, 2009
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    Monday, November 30, 2009

    Game Night Chapter 3 Is Up!

    [imager][/imager]The third chapter of Jonny Nexus' hilarious novel has been posted! Game Night, a humorous ENnie award-winning novel about a group of gods playing a role-playing game, is being published for free one chapter per week right here on EN World!
    “Look, damn it all! I just want to know if I'm dead or not!”

    The AllFather fixes a firm expression on his face. “This isn't your scene. When it is your scene, I'll tell you if you're alive or not.”

    “I just want to know if I should start creating another mortal or not!” protests the Warrior. “There's no point me sitting here twiddling my thumbs while these fools attempt to parley with the non-sentients when I could be getting ready.”

    The AllFather sighs a quiet inward sigh. He remembers something Mr Six Days once boasted about that involved a cat, an experiment, and some terribly clever aspect of his realm. He considers making a joke about it, but stops himself when he realises that not only will those at the table not understand it, on reflection, neither will he.

    “No. You don't need to start creating a new mortal,” he tells the Warrior.

    “Fine. That's all I wanted to know.”

    D&D 4th Edition News
    • In the Lab It's a Trap Week at Kobold Quarterly concludes with the Paragon-Tier Baron's Laboratory.
    • Preview #2 for Book of Rituals Preview #2 for Goodman Games' Azagar’s Book of Rituals is the last 20 pages of the book: the indices. Download it to see the 300+ rituals covered by this sourcebook, organized by name, level, category, and key skill.
    • Blackdirge Releases Bargain Line Blackdirge Publishing has released Blackdirge’s Bargain Bestiaries: From Beyond – Aberrant Horrors and Blackdirge’s Bargain Templates: Brutish, the latest products in their new bargain-priced PDF lines for Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons.
    Pathfinder News
    • Avlis Campaign Setting Released for Pathfinder RPG The World of Avlis, a long-running campaign setting stretching back to the late 1970's, and live as a Neverwinter Nights persistent world since 2001, has been released as a hard cover sourcebook for the Pathfinder RPG. This 254-page book contains 34 races, 11 Prestige classes, 16 new spells, 33 mage feats, and 23 monsters originating from the Avlis campaign setting, but usable in pretty much any world.
    • Remarkable Races Pathfinder Compendium On sale at a special Cyber-Monday price, Alluria Publishing's Pathfinder Compendium of Unusual PC Races is now available.
    D&D 3.5/OGL News
    • Updates from Kobold Quarterly:
    • Monster Madness: The Agarret Introducing the Agarrett, a twelve-foot tall horned biped with four arms that can get you pregnant with a lick.
    Other News
    • Fat Dragon Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale "Everything in our catalog is 15-25% off now through Monday Nov. 30. Hurry as we won't have price cuts this deep for a VERY long time again!"
    • Motivational Poster Contest Rite Publishing has launched a contest running from now until December 22nd, simply become a fan on Rite Publishing's Facebook page and post a Motivational or Demotivational poster to their wall that uses any of the artwork in their Facebook photo albums. Grand Prize is free patronage on every project, plus a free pdf copy of every product Rite Publishing ever creates, along with a print copy of a single product of your choice.
    • Dreamscarred Cyber-Monday Sale Dreamscarred Press is having a Cyber Monday sale, with all of their PDFs on sale for 20% off.
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