Khorvanis, the Omega Watch
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    Khorvanis, the Omega Watch

    Didn't want to derail Paradox's thread, so starting a new one.

    Khorvanis is the most powerful immortal I've yet to (and very likely will) stat.

    Note that K. uses my Immortals Metamagic abilities.

    Any Transcendental Abilities in excess of those allotted by his template have added a flat +36 to his ECL.

    His 3 swords are a total estimation on my part. I haven't a clue what their actual "+ value" is, they seem relatively appropriate, and as the easily most powerful entity in my setting, I'm not terribly concerned.

    I know he should be at least Titanic, but he's Medium. Crucify me.

    He uses the Damage Reduction progression my group uses (HD * Cosmic Firmament Modifier)

    Avinion, the Eternal One, is in fact one of three dissociative identities of the Almighty, though he is doubly more powerful than his brothers, Esmeirith and Ba'auth'aal.

    However, sitting upon the Throne Beyond Eternity, Avinion, who is Steward of All Times in wake of the Almighty's mind-breaking, Schismatic suicide, has not the gift to create. He rules in impotence over a diminishing Creation shackled by an imperfectly-formed Eternity, one which is hounded on all sides by the void of Oblivion. As Time hurtles ever-more quickly into the abyss, into its own final destruction, Avinion must watch helplessly, unable to intervene lest he rupture the fragile cosmic balance that permits this last legacy of the Almighty to exist, even if ephemerally.

    Avinion knows that Creation's struggle against the void is doomed to failure, and knows that when the war is finally lost, that he will live on undying in nothingness, and that he, like his father before him, will take his own life rather than face what is to come.

    And yet, he will not permit any to hasten its already-perilous descent. Should a threat arise sufficient to grant Immortal Darkness its utter victory, Avinion will dispatch his emissary, Khorvanis, to rectify the situation.

    Khorvanis is the Omega Watch, something a son or avatar to Avinion, a separate, dissociated being empowered directly by the Eternal One to intercede where he cannot. Khorvanis is the Judge of Time's End, the Executor of Eternity's Will. Only something as catastrophic as the immanent, irreversible destruction of the known universe would be justification enough for him to intercede in Time. And, as such, he is also titled "the Sword That Has Never Been Drawn".

    Khorvanis exists at the very pinnacle of the Argent Peak of Creation, with one (spiritual) foot in the Akasha whilst his other is planted firmly within Time. He constantly wards Creation against extra-cosmic threats, such that they are never permitted to enter the body of the demiurge. His power rivals that of Time Lords of other universes, and even the mightiest inter-dimensional anomalies fall effortlessly before his three Swords of Judgment.

    Khorvanis also guards the Gates of Eternity, which open unto the Akasha, whence Avinion rests. Not even the oldest, mightiest Immortals and Sidereals have ever held knowledge of Khorvanis' existence. As a silent watcher, he has protected them from threats which, for all their glorious divinity, could see them all annihilated in an instant if the dimensional barriers were to be breached.

    Never interceding in the internecine pantheonic wars descending from the Schism of old, Khorvanis lacks his father's impulse towards despair. He is unphased by the eventual doom of time, resolute in his duty to see his charge through. Where Avinion grieves for all which has befallen, and all that which shall, in sorrow, yet befall, Khorvanis stands undaunted, the champion of an entire existence.

    Opponents (such as rival Time Lords, the greatest, the most impudent Umbrals, or Nehaschismic Dragons) daring to engage Khorvanis in combat will instantly be assaulted with an impossible barrage of attacks from his Swords of Judgment, staccatos of planet-sundering spells via his Alter Reality ability, and the ineffable doom of his awesome Astral Effect.
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