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    Cool! Thanks for sharing! The stats are indeed ridiculous, but then again that's to be expected. So which Demiurge is the one of the realm the PCs come from? Is it one of the two you named there (Eriahim, Baalzoth) or has it not yet been named or statted up due to being asleep?

    My own game features a Demiurge that is presently semiconscious, and was conscious enough to manipulate the PCs in one of my two games into making an artifact for it that allowed it to create a cult which is slowly building toward waking it up. The Sidereals all know it's coming, but have been too busy infighting to do anything about it, particularly in the case of the First Ones as the PCs in the other game recently found out. Those PCs have in their possession one of the Demiurge's own artifacts and used it fairly extensively (before they knew who made it and is still linked to it); the long-term effects (for the Demiurge, at least) of the permanent universal changes they wrought have yet to be discovered. Their present plan of attack- and yes, they've had one crossover session between both games to help come up with it, and plan to have more in the future- is to battle the Demiurge when it wakes up on their plane, simultaneously with similar battles expected to take place on every other plane at the same time, which are meant as a diversion to give the people trying to open the portal to the Eternal Realm time to finish their Ritual and get it open. What happens then... can't really be planned for, given the level of beings they'll presumably then be dealing with.

    I was somewhat less creative than you, and just mashed together a couple of mythological names for my Demiurge- it's named DABBATIALDABAOTH (always spelled with all caps).

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    Well, presumably any PCs I play with (don't get to run this setting that often, hard to find Immortals players) exist somewhere within the Argent Pinnacle which is Eriahim's body (though Eriahim has a separate, conscious manifestation, so the AP is more like his soul, than his body, in a way.)

    I have stats for both Eriahim and Baalzoth, and old stats for Esmeirith and Ba'auth'aal (the similarity in the first letters there is actually unintentional), as I'm not quite sure what to do with them.

    Technically, they're nowhere NEAR Avinion's (or even Khorvanis') power. Both Eriahim and Baalzoth are Stage I Demiugre roughly ECL 750. Seeing as Esmeirith and Ba'auth'aal both hold separate dominions on the Argent Pinnacle (Eriahim's manifestation actually lives in Esmeirith's godly realm, though it's more a shared realm), I was thinking of statting them as phenomenally powerful First Ones, possibly even with a single Omnific Ability each, to show their connection to the former Supreme Being.

    Basically, even though the True Power of the Almighty sustains them, they have less cosmic influence over their respective dimensions (the Argent Pinnacle of Creation and the Stellar Void of Immortal Darkness), but are still capable of performing miracles that inspire awe in the other First Ones (such as creating and fostering separate life-forms; both of the native Demiurge had to be taught the Art of Genesis from them. Without Esmeirith and Ba'auth'aal, there would be mortals/immortals/sidereals at all.)

    So, maybe something of literal First Ones, the first and by far the mightiest of the Sidereals, surpassing the Eternals in some ways, yet still constrained by the laws of Existence.

    I'd envision somewhere around ECL 650 or so, there are two other First Ones (the first-born creations of each demiurge) who reach that level and since Esmeirith actually canonically battled one of them to a stalemate, 650 is probably a good estimate of his power, which Ba'auth'aal would mirror.

    It should be noted, though, that both of them are tremendously weaken from fostering their home dimensions and peopleing them with the first immortals. It's possible they were once demiurge-equivalents in power and have summarily reduced.

    Anyway, I have stats for Eriahim and Baalzoth and I'm going to work on the other two. I'll post them for comparison later on when I have time. They might interest you in particular, Paradox, as at mid-700s ECLs, they can be compared to your Nehaschismic Dragons (Baalzoth actually manifests as an immense dragon of nothingness). Though, being Demiurge, they're so ludicrously overpowered that I can't really imagine even the Great Wyrms posing much of a threat. We'll see.

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    The abyss stretches wide before you: vast, vacuous, and…profoundly alive. All about you, in the very fabric of Oblivion, are the stirrings of some incomprehensible force. The black waters swirl about you, a confluence of innumerable voids coalescing into…something. All you can tell is that it is Power divorced of Time or Truth, an entity unfettered by law or reason, impossible and yet…fitting. For how, when Creation rises so mighty, so glorious, could the void not give answer? The vortex intensifies, and then the layered voids explode, rendered meaningless before the being that incarnates the nothingness about you. Without meaning or measure, it rears into the cosmic night, vast enough to swallow all Existence. It is a dragon, THE dragon, chain of Time and Immortality, Omega to the Supreme Alpha. Orbs of pandemonium, of such depth to contain entire macrocosms in all their fallen glory, alight upon you from within the horror’s visage. Four wings of empty night spread over the ceiling of the abyss. Twin lashing tails writhe in the Everdark, seeming to encircle Creation in a vise. For a fleeting, fractured instant, a ripple passes through its inimical form, then a howl of such abject silence as to drown Time itself resonates through the void. You realize that this thing, this…Infallible Lord of Nothingness is at once god and abomination, cause and devastating effect; older than the eldest beginning, bringer of the ultimate end. Baalzoth, Crown of All Darkness, Lord of the Black Eternity, Throne-Breaker and Sky-Blighter, the first and only Law that shall ever be, rears before you…and it rears in WRATH.


    Crown of All Darkness, Darksome Liege of the Hellspawned Night, the Immortal Dark, the Black Progenitor, Lord of the Black Eternity, Anathema of the Convocation, Oldest Law, Antithesis Unto All Creation, the Shade Imperishable, the Infallible Lord of Nothingness, Star-Devourer, Sky-Blighter, Abomination-Sire, Throne-Breaker, Firstborn Omega, the Abyss Made God

    Stage 1 Demiurge
    Macro-Colossal Outsider (Dragon, Extraplanar, Incorporeal, Undead)

    Hit Dice: 320d1000 +106,800 (x16) (6,828,800 hp)
    Initiative: +183 (+119 Dexterity, +64 Divine), Always Acts First
    Speed: Superluminal

    Armor Class: 655 (+334 Deflection, +64 Divine +119 Dexterity +64 Luck +64 Profane)
    Touch: 655 Flat-Footed: 536

    Space/Reach: 16 miles/ 10 miles
    Base Attack/Grapple: +320/+866

    Attack: Bite +1,520 Melee Touch 80d1000 +2,560 16-20/x6
    2 Claws +1,520 Melee Touch 40d1000 +2,560 16-20/x6
    4 Wings +1,520 Melee Touch 30d1000 +2,560 16-20/x6
    2 Tail Slaps +1,520 Melee Touch 40d1000 +2,560 16-20/x6

    Special Abilities: Alter Reality (149th level spells), Devastation Pulse, Divine Aura (105,600 ft.), Double Entropy Portfolio, Eschaton Roar

    Special Qualities: DR 5,000/--, Divine Bonus (+64), Immortality, Immunity to Natural and Supernatural Effects, SR 394, Spell Reflection

    Saves: Fort +694 Ref +813 Will +838
    Abilities: Str - Dex 248 Con - Int 368 Wis 368 Cha 678

    Skills: Omnicompetent and Maven, all skills= 387 + Relevant Ability Modifier

    Metamagic: Annihilating Spell, Automatic Metamagic Capacity (140), Dire Spell, Dolorous Spell, Doomsday Spell, Devastating Spell, Empower Spell, Heighten Spell, Masterful Spell, Maximize Spell, Metamagic Freedom, Omega Spell, Prodigious Spell, Quicken Spell, Quintessential Spell, Resonating Spell, Surpassing Spell, Telluric Spell

    Divine Abilities: Adjuration, Apocrypha, Enlarge Aura, Heavenly Body, Heavenly Mind, Heavenly Soul, Heavenly Spirit, Perfect Initiative, Profane Body, Profane Mind, Profane Soul, Profane Spirit, Superior Critical, Superior Critical Multiplier, Telluric Effect

    Cosmic Abilities: Apostasy, Cosmic Consciousness, Cosmic Firmament, Heavy Eradication, Nullification, Perfect Critical, Perfect Critical Multiplier, Slipstream, Spell Amplification, Unearthly Power Attack, Unholy Messiah

    Transcendental Abilities: Divine Nullification, Evil Eye, Interdimensional, Multi-Dimensional (2), Omega Breath, Transfinite, Transcorporeal, Transmortality, Ultimate Power Attack, Ultimate Weapon Focus

    Alignment: Beyond Alignment
    Environment: The Black Eternity of the Stellar Void
    Cr: 519
    ECL: 775
    Possessions: The Crown of All Darkness

    The Crown of All Darkness

    Baalzoth’s ebon diadem is a cosmographic symbol of annihilation. It affords him phenomenal power.

    • It creates a magical Dead Zone within his Divine Aura (105,600 ft.) which does not impede Baalzoth’s Magic
    • It doubles his Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores
    • All damage dealt by Baalzoth is Permanent Damage

    Double Entropy Portfolio

    Spell-Like Abilities: 2/Round Entropy Domain CL 696, DC 696+Spell Level
    Necromantic Immunity: Immune to all Necromancy effects

    Greater Scion of the Void: Baalzoth gains a +128 Competence Bonus to Attack Rolls, Damage Rolls, and Armor Class when in a vacuum

    Cold Resistance: Baalzoth takes 5,000 less damage from any Cold-based attack that otherwise penetrates his immunities

    Perfect Banishing: Summoned Creatures in Baalzoth’s Divine Aura are automatically Banished

    Perfect Embodiment of Death: An opponent’s immunity is ineffective against Baalzoth’s Necromancy Effects

    Negative Energy Effect:

    Beam 106 Negative Levels 13,200 ft. Ray, No Save
    Blast 52 Negative Levels (Ref Dc 696 for ) 13,200 ft. Range, 825 ft. Radius of effect
    Blood 26 Negative Levels, (Ref Dc 696 to avoid)
    Breath 106 Negative Levels, 1d4 round recharge, (Ref Dc 696for ) 825 ft. Cone or 3,300 ft line
    Hand Melee Touch 158 Negative Levels, No Save
    Immolation Death Throes, 158 Negative Levels, (Ref Dc 696for ) 105,600 ft. Burst
    Storm 26 Negative Levels, (Ref Dc 696 for ) 105,600 Radius Emanation
    Strike +26 Negative Levels to all Melee Attacks
    Wrath 52 Negative Levels Gaze, (Will Dc 696 to avoid), 825 ft. Cone

    Void Soul: Baalzoth receives Regeneration 5,000 when in a vacuum

    Pariah of Time: Temporal Magic ceases to function in Baalzoth’s Godly Realm

    Lord of Death: Baalzoth automatically Dominates any Undead within his Divine Realm

    Abrogate: Any opponent within Baalzoth’s Divine Aura (105,600 ft.) has their most powerful ability negated


    Adjuration: Baalzoth may summon 640 Hit Dice of allies per day, none of whom may be greater than CR 224. He typically uses this ability to summon 3 Great Wyrm Void Dragons

    Alter Reality: As a Swift Action, Baalzoth may duplicate the effect of any spell of level 149th or lower, or any Epic Spell of DC 721 or lower. All of Baalzoth’s spells have no cap, use d100 dice, and deal Permanent Damage. (Thus a Fireball cast by Baalzoth would deal 320d100 Permanent Damage). These spells have a DC of 536+Spell Level.

    Apocrypha: Baalzoth receives a +50 bonus on checks to oppose Divination spells

    Apostasy: Baalzoth is unaffected by Alignment-based Effects

    Cosmic Consciousness: Baalzoth perceives the entirety of the dimension in which he currently exists

    Cosmic Firmament: Baalzoth is always treated as being within his Divine Realm

    Devastation Pulse: As a Standard Action, Baalzoth may emit a paroxysm of annihilation, dealing 640d100 Permanent Damage to all opponents within his Divine Aura (105,600 ft.), healing himself for a like amount of damage.

    Divine Nullification: Any opponent within Baalzoth’s Divine Aura (105,600 ft.) loses access to all their Divine Abilities

    Eschaton Roar: As a Full-Round Action once per day, Baalzoth may sound the clarion of Creation’s destruction. This is identical to an Implosion effect (DC 696) and affects all creature within Baalzoth’s Divine Aura (105,600 ft.). The effect repeats for 64 rounds. A Wish spell halts the repeating for 1 round per Caster Level.

    Evil Eye: Any foe within Baalzoth’s Divine Aura automatically uses the worst possible die roll

    Heavy Eradication: Baalzoth ignores immunity to critical hits

    Interdimensional: Baalzoth has a 75% chance of ignoring any effect. This stacks with his Incorporeal traits for a total 87.5% miss chance

    Multi-Dimensional: Baalzoth can manifest in up to three separate incarnations simultaneously. Each of these manifestations function as a separate duplicate of Baalzoth.

    Nullification: Any opponent within Baalzoth’s Divine Aura (105,600 ft.) has all of their feats negated

    Omega Breath: 8,000 ft. Cone or 25,000 ft. Line, 80 Hit Dice Annihilation, Reflex (DC 696) for . Baalzoth may breathe each and every round.

    Slipstream: Baalzoth cannot be undermined by time travel and is immune to Temporal effects

    Spell Amplification: Any spell which fails to penetrate Baalzoth’s Spell Resistance is reflected back upon the caster, modified by 140 levels of Metamagic

    Telluric Effect: Each time Baalzoth uses the same effect in subsequent rounds, the effect is doubled

    Transfinite: Baalzoth adds his most powerful opponent’s Divine Bonus to his own Divine Bonus

    Transcorporeal: Baalzoth cannot be harmed by weapons

    Transmortality: Baalzoth cannot be permanently destroyed by any means. If destroyed, he instantly rejuvenates

    Time Dilation: Baalzoth can act twice in any given round

    Ultimate Power Attack: Baalzoth trades 1 points of Attack Bonus for 8 Points of Damage. He automatically Power Attacks for his full Base Attack Bonus (-320) thanks to Ultimate Weapon Focus, gaining a +2,560 bonus to damage

    Ultimate Weapon Focus: Baalzoth never misses on attack rolls

    Unholy Messiah: No Evil creature of less than Divine Rank 64 can attack Baalzoth
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    Light. It overwhelms all else, searing in its devastating majesty, serene in depthless love. Light, enabled by Time, glorified by Truth, rises from the floor of the abyss and hurls back the cosmic night. It engulfs all things, healing the righteous, burning the wicked, dispelling all the veils of treachery and unwisdom. And the Light is Eriahim, his ever-blazing soul, as the world his flesh undying. From Eriahim springs the Highest Light, and from the Highest Light does Eriahim arise, for they are one. He stands before you, terrible in splendor, his armor of golden crystals dazzling your eyes, his sword of glass agleam with the Sovereign Fire. ERIAHIM stands before you, the Light constrained into being, ready for war.

    The Cynosure of Eriahim

    The Crystal Knight, the Highest Light, the Font of All Life,
    the Argent Fount, the Perfected, the Fane Sublime,
    Light of the Highest Heaven, Eldest in Lordship,
    the Spark of Creation

    Stage 1 Demiurge
    Medium Outsider (Extraplanar, Good, Lawful)

    Hit Dice: 320d1000 +71,360 (x16) (6,261,710 hp)
    Initiative: +213 (+149 Dexterity +64 Divine), Always Acts First
    Speed: Superluminal

    Armor Class: 1,035 (+256 Armor +199 Deflection +149 Dexterity +149 Dodge +64 Divine +64 Luck +80 Natural +64 Sacred)
    Touch: 709 Flat-Footed: 717

    Space/Reach: 5 ft./Infinite
    Base Attack/Grapple: +320/+839

    Attack: Sword of the Eternal Guardian (64 Attacks) +1,315 Melee Touch 3,840d10 +33,762 11-20/x6

    Special Abilities: Alter Reality, Divine Aura (105,600 ft.), Double Healing Portfolio, Double Sun Portfolio, Smite Evil

    Special Qualities: DR Infinite/4N, Divine Bonus (+64), Fast Healing 15,000, Immortality, Immunity to Natural and Supernatural Effects, Integrated Class Features (Paladin 160), Resist Fire 5,000, SR 394, Spell Reflection

    Saves: Fort +1,065 Ref +991 Will +951
    Abilities: Str 303 Dex 308 Con 456 Int 198 Wis 228 Cha 408

    Skills: Omnicompetent and Maven, all skills= 387 + Relevant Ability Modifier

    Metamagic: Automatic Metamagic Capacity (140), Dire Spell, Dolorous Spell, Devastating Spell, Empower Spell, Heighten Spell, Masterful Spell, Maximize Spell, Metamagic Freedom, Prodigious Spell, Quicken Spell, Resonating Spell, Surpassing Spell, Telluric Spell, Theurgic Spell, Ultima Spell, Unreal Spell

    Divine Abilities: Adjuration, Apport, Divine Immensity (4), Heavenly Body, Heavenly Mind, Heavenly Soul, Heavenly Spirit, Perfect Initiative, Quantum Effect, Sacred Body, Sacred Soul, Sacred Spirit, Uncanny Dodge, Uncanny Weapon Specialization, Unknowing Body, Unknowing Mind, Unknowing Soul, Unknowing Spirit

    Cosmic Abilities: Cogency, Cosmic Consciousness, Cosmic Firmament, Cosmic String, Holy Messiah, Perfect Smiting, Slipstream, Somniferous, Uncanny Smiting, Unearthly Power Attack

    Transcendental Abilities: Interdimensional, Transcorporeal, Transpersonal, Ultimate Weapon Specialization

    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Environment: The Argent Pinnacle of Creation
    Cr: 529
    ECL: 789
    Possessions: Sword of the Eternal Guardian, Crystal Plate of Eternity, Transcendental Axiom

    The Sword of the Eternal Guardian

    This crystalline blade is the first weapon ever forged, and will be the last to ever be wielded. Within it is contained the primal essence of the great cosmic surge which began Existence. It is a reliquary of tremendous sidereal potency.

    The Sword of the Eternal Guardian is a +114 Unerring Neutronium Greatsword. In Eriahim’s hands, it is considered +228.

    • It has a Critical Threat of 11-20/x6
    • It requires only a Touch Attack to hit
    • The Sword’s base damage is multiplied by its Critical Multiplier
    • The wielder may attack any opponent he can perceive regardless of distance

    The Crystal Plate of Eternity

    This awesome suit of argent armor, wrought of indestructible golden glass, forever wards the pious spirit of the Highest Light. It is a suit of +160 Orichalcum Full Plate with no Maximum Dexterity Bonus. It provides the wearer with following benefits:

    • The wearer is immune to all forms the attacks and abilities of every opponent they face unless they have taken an offensive action against a specific opponent in the current encounter, in which case they are no longer immune to attacks from that opponent.
    • Any damage dealt to the wearer is dealt to the attacker as well.
    • The wearer may only be hurt on every 4th attack, otherwise treat as if they had infinite Damage Reduction.
    • The wearer may take the damage of any ally within their Divine Aura.
    • All allies within the wearer’s Divine Aura use the wearer’s Saving Throws in place of their own.

    The Transcendental Axiom

    Within this coruscating antediluvian tome is contained the Law of All Times, the fundamental statute which governs Creation and the unyielding principle around which Existence revolves. Though a physical object, the Axiom is intrinsically bound to Eriahim and he constantly receives the following benefits:

    • Supremacy: Eriahim adds his most powerful opponent’s Divine Rank to his own
    • Inner Eye: All of Eriahim’s dice rolls are maximized
    • Time Dilation: Eriahim receives two rounds of actions within any given round
    • Eighth Sense: Eriahim can perceive one minute into the future and can replay a number of minutes per day equal to his Divine Rank (64)
    • Authority: Anyone within Eriahim’s Divine Aura (105,600 ft.) is Ruled as if by a Rod of Rulership unless they possess an Intelligence score of 74 or greater
    • Enlarge Aura: The radius of Eriahim’s Divine Aura is doubled.

    Double Healing Portfolio

    Spell-Like Abilities: 2/Round Healing Domain CL 384, DC 430+Spell Level

    Faster Healing: Eriahim gains Fast Healing 15,000

    Greater Scion of Healing: Eriahim’s Healing spells are automatically Double Empowered

    Blessed Servants: Eriahim’s Summoned Creatures receive Fast Healing 128

    Perfect Embodiment of Healing: Eriahim can heal Vile and Permanent damage as if it were regular damage

    Iatric Effect: Heals living, damages Undead, deals double damage to sunlight-vulnerable creatures
    • Beam 24,800 Positive Energy, 13,200 ft. Ray, No Save
    • Blast 12,400 Positive Energy, (Ref Dc 620 for ) 13,200 ft. Range, 825 ft. area burst
    • Blood 6,200 Positive Energy when struck, (Ref Dc 644 to avoid)
    • Breath 24,800 Positive Energy, 1d4 round recharge, (Ref Dc 644 for ) 825 ft. Cone or 3,300 ft line
    • Hand Melee Touch 37,200 Positive Energy, No Save
    • Immolation Death Throes, 37,200 Positive Energy, (Ref Dc 644 for ) 105,600 ft. Burst
    • Storm 6,200 Positive Energy, (Ref Dc 620 for ) 105,600 ft. Emanation
    • Strike +6,200 Positive Energy to all Melee Attacks
    • Wrath 12,400 Positive Energy, (Will Dc 620 to avoid), 825 ft. Cone

    • Superior Healing: Eriahim’s Fast Healing and Regeneration are tripled
    Spirited Away: Once per day, whenever Eriahim’s manifestation is slain outside of his Godly Realm, he is instantly teleported to the Sublime Fane of Caritha before the killing blow strikes
    Pariah of Destruction: Evocation spells and effects do not function in Eriahim’s Divine Realm

    Attuned to Healing: Eriahim benefits from any Healing spell cast within his Divine Aura (105,600 ft.)

    Legendary Constitution: Eriahim’s Constitution is doubled

    Deny Healing: Eriahim can deny Healing spells anywhere in the universe

    Double Sun Portfolio

    Spell-Like Abilities: Eriahim may use any Sun-Domain Spell-Like-Ability as a Swift Action twice per round

    Light Immunity: Eriahim is immune to all Light-based effects

    Greater Scion of the Sun: Eriahim gains a +128 Competence Bonus to Armor Class and all rolls in areas of sunlight

    Perfect Summoning (Light): Any Light-based creature summoned by Eriahim arrives with 200% Hit Dice

    Light-Bringer: Eriahim ignores Turn Resistance and destroys any Undead he would normally Turn

    Shining Soul: Eriahim gains Regeneration 15,000 when bathed in sunlight

    Shining Messiah: Light-based creatures of less than Divine Rank 64 cannot harm Eriahim

    Sun King: Eriahim automatically Dominates any Light-based creature in his Divine Aura (105,600 ft.)

    Cosmic Radiation: Eriahim uses d20s for all uses of Positive Energy


    Adjuration: Eriahim may call 640 Hit Dice of allies per day, none of whom may be greater than CR 224. He typically uses this ability to summon 4 Seraphim.

    Apport: Eriahim can summon his equipment to his person from any distance

    Alter Reality: As a Swift Action, Eriahim may duplicate the effects of any spell up to 149th level, or any Epic Spell of DC 586 or lower. All of Eriahim’s spells have no cap, use d20s for all dice, and deal pure Divine Damage. (Thus a Fireball cast by Eriahim would deal 384d20 Divine Damage). These spells have a DC of 465+Spell Level.

    Cosmic Consciousness: Eriahim perceives the entirety of the dimension he currently inhabits

    Cosmic Firmament: Eriahim is always treated as being within his Divine Realm

    Cosmic String: Eriahim cannot be permanently destroyed except by a being of Divine Rank 64 or higher, otherwise he instantly rejuvenates

    Holy Messiah: No Good creature of less than Divine Rank 64 can attack Eriahim

    Interdimensional: Eriahim has a 75% chance of ignoring any effect

    Quantum Effect: Eriahim’s effect abilities are subject to chance, as follows:

    1. Effect damages Eriahim
    2-3. No Effect occurs
    4-6. Effect functions at half strength
    7-14. Effect functions normally
    15-17. Effect functions at double strength
    18-19. Effect functions at triple strength
    20. Effect functions at quadruple strength

    Slipstream: Eriahim cannot be undermined by time travel and is immune to Temporal effects

    Smite Evil: Every attack Eriahim makes is a Smite attack. Eriahim’s Smite ability affects foes of any alignment. When making a Smite attack, Eriahim gains a +199 to hit and a +3,200 to damage. (This damage is multiplied by Unearthly Weapon Specialization to +19,200.)

    Transcorporeal: Eriahim can only be harmed by one weapon in the universe (Cataclysm)

    Transpersonal: Any effect that affects Eriahim also affects any foes within his Divine Aura

    Unearthly Power Attack: Eriahim trades 1 point of Attack Bonus for 6 points of Damage. He may subtract a maximum of -320 to hit for +1,920 to damage. (This is multiplied by Unearthly Weapon Specialization to +11,520 damage). As Eriahim’s Sword is Unerring, he always Power Attacks for the maximum amount.

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    maybe a dumb question but how does he get 192 attacks

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    Three Weapon Fighting with Ultimate Weapon Specialization +his swords doubling his total number of attacks when wielded together.

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    Does it have 3 arms then? Also how come his swords do 10d1000 base damage what are they made of>

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    Do you not have Ascension or the Bestiary?

    Three Weapon Fighting lets you juggle a third weapon and attack with it, though I picture him just propelling all three at faster than light speed with his mind, honestly.

    They do 10d1000 because his base damage (1d1000) is multiplied by his critical multiplier (x10) thanks to Unearthly Weapon Specialization.

    They're not made out of anything in particular; Perfect Weapon Specialization (or maybe Superior, I can't remember) makes any weapon he wields automatically deal damage appropriate for his strength.

    1d1000 is actually a LOT lower than a 600 strength would net him, but he's more than powerful enough as is and it's a nice round number.

    That clear things up? All of that info can be found in Ascension.

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    Sorry I do have but never made a god with it before

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    I apologize as well, for assuming most of those were obvious.

    When I first started using Ascension, I'd list every ability they got and define it, just so I could keep track of what they all do.

    Now, after dozens upon dozens of statblocks, I only define the combat-relevant or use-activated abilities and leave the passive abilities undefined.

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