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    When I was writing the stats for Death, I wrote everything out just for ease of reference - his stat block is fairly massive as a result, but it pretty much eliminates page-flipping.

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    Oh, that was you? I love that build, I'ved used it for reference tons of times.

    And I agree completely, I just have most of the abilities memorized by now and I'm not used to sharing my work.

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    Do you have the stats for the "Convocation of the Elder Lords" spell which is listed as the only way to get around Khorvanis' Unreal? Would be interesting to see a spell of that power level (and to compare it to the spell "Self-Devouring Rebuke" that I said would get around Xanou's Unreal in the Great Wall is Broken thread).

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    I don't, actually. Epic magic is something I'm terribly inexperienced with. All I know is that it's theoretically the most powerful spell able to be cast in my setting as it was the product of a divnity-draining ritual performed by all of the Elder Lords (Sidereals one and all, about 15 in total) and was powerful enough to blast Immortal Darkness from the Pinnacle of Creation for all time, though insufficient to kill it. (As Baalzoth has Transmortality, but more for story purposes, really).

    I really have no clue what it would even do, it's more theoretical. I imagine it would be able to hurt Khorvanis (or even Avinion) bad, so it's likely on par with an Omnific Abilityh or two (or three) in terms of raw strength. Maybe some obnoxious number of d1000s powered by something like the Oblivion ability? That would make it cause grievous wounds even to Eternal beings. Maybe some sort of power to blast through any kind of barrier, ignore miss chance and the like. I can't see it having a spellcraft of less than 10,000 though. We're talking something like 1,000 Divine Ranks converted into raw, one-time-use energy.

    After all, the mass suicide of the entire Sidereal pantheon should have some pretty spectacular backlash.

    Edit- I should probably mention as well that since it was already cast, Khorvanis is technically immune to ALL magic from his universe, since there's literally nothing left that could throw that much power around. Eriahim could have, once, but he's horribly maimed and can't call forth even a fraction of the might he once possessed.

    I suppose Khorvanis himself could, if need be, by sacrifing a ton of his own power, but magic isn't really his thing. (That's conceptually, too. No way he could hit a Spellcraft that high.)
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    I noticed Khorvanis' swords don't say their enchantment bonus. Is this intentional?

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    Umm...phew, been ages (or at least feels like it).

    From what I can remember, they either have no conventional enhancement bonus or they're either +100 or +200. I really can't remember.

    I might have just been being lazy since he doesn't even have a compiled Attack Bonus I could reverse engineer it from.

    Probably +100 each, since he has 3 of them, and Eriahim's one sword has a base of +114.

    ...I should really post more of these. I know I had Esmeirith finished and Ba'auth'aal was 99%. All the Sidereals have been finished for ages now.

    Well, it's summer and I have nothing but time, so...maybe.

    Edit-yes, Esmeirith is finished, just needs flavor and description. Ba'auth'aal needs to his abilities written out. I'll try for that tomorrow. Shouldn't be too difficult.
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    I know this is an old thread but I want to ask: why does the time lord Avinion want to commit suicide? Guessing maybe after trillions of eons he's just tired of living?

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    Oh, that's easy.

    He's unable to create new worlds (and unlike the normal sort of Time Lord, the universe he rules over is actually the body of the Supreme Being Avinion was once part of).

    So, when Creation finally succumbs and all returns to nothingness, Avinion will have lost his long, inevitable war and have nothing left to live for, with only the unchanging Void as his companion for all Eternity.

    And, going out in a blaze of glory is just what immortals do in my setting, so he will, of course, sacrifice himself spectacularly (not that it will amount to much).

    I should probably mention that in my novelization of this story, said fate is averted, though the tale is far too complex to summarize here at the moment.

    Hopefully that answers your question.

    And, I believe I did end up finishing the stats for Esmeirith and Ba'auth'aal, I just never posted them. I'll look into that.

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    Highlord Riem: The Akashic Aspect of Darkness

    Sorry, didn't want to derail the thread, reposted here.
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