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[imager][/imager]War of the Burning Sky Novel - Part 3

The third part of the War of the Burning Sky novelization by Ryan Nock has been posted online! This installment deals with our heroes' escape from Gate Pass and the short journey towards the Indomitable Fire Forest of Innenotdar. If you haven't been following along:

D&D 4th Edition News
  • Review of Adventurer’s Guide to Cthonia If you’re looking for a change from the standard “high fantasy” game setting, check out this review of the Adventurer’s Guide to Cthonia – a fantasy world based upon Medieval Europe as it emerges from the Dark Ages.
  • King of the Monsters Deadline Win the Crown: Deadline for the King of the Monsters contest is December 1 for 4E, 3E, or Pathfinder monsters.

D&D 3.5/OGL News
  • Fabletastic Monday Monster Meet a foe of one of the great tricksters-- Brer Rabbit's enemy, the Tar Baby. This simple guardian is sure to harass your OGL parties just starting out.

Other News
  • Umläut: Game of Metal A roleplaying game which gives each player
    the chance to create and control of their own Heavy Metal band. Simple mechanics let you chart their career as they rehearse, play gigs, fight among themselves and pull crazy publicity stunts. Will you make it big, or are your records destined to languish in the discount bin of obscurity? Can you hold your band together when the going is rough, or will you self destruct in a drug-fuelled clash of egos?
  • Review of Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection‏ This graphic novel journal makes a great prop for a near future zombie apocalypse campaign.
  • Trouble at the Power Source The co-hosts of the Power Source podcast had a falling out over ownership of the show, displaying why contracts are so important. Here is Scott Rehm's open letter to fans.
  • Mike Mearls and Tony DiTerlizzi‏ Open Design Podcast: Mike Mearls of WotC and Tony DiTerlizzi of Planescape fame both speak to the Open Design Podcast gang this month.