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    Round 1

    Mikara quickly fires an arrow that lodges right between the shoulder joint in the human's plate armor, then skips nimbly into an alley next to a large house.

    Atreus gazes intently at the elf, noting the weak spots in her armor. He wraps the night around him like an old, comfortable cloak, and disappears, running silently behind the large house as well, passing Mikara.

    Woe leaps forward, barely clearing Hacker's head, and, tossing his torch to the ground, strikes a confident pose, ready to charge anything that approaches.

    Tristan shrugs and begins to circle the houses as well, but runs into a surprise; a squat, brutish looking hobgoblin waiting just around the corner with a drawn shortsword. "Well, hello there," he greets the newcomer cheerfully, then attempts to lop of his head with his oversized sword. The stroke is awkward and easily avoided.

    Kathalia waxes pathetic, but her passion is backed by magic, and the illusory heart bursts with a wash of flame, engulfing the three armored foes in the street. She shifts into beast form.

    The dwarf is the first of the enemies to respond, moving forward while chanting angry syllables. He clenches his fist, striking it into his opposite palm, and a blast of sulfurous flames erupts directly over Woe's head, knocking him to the floor. Hacker is caught in the blast as well and send tumbling down, though Woe's body shield's Kathalia from the worst of it. He easily douses the flames from Kathalia's broken heart.

    The elf sings a bell-like note. Immediately some of the human's wounds close slightly, and Kathalia's flames die out from his clothing. The elf smiles, then draws her crossbow and fires, missing Kathalia by inches.

    The human, no longer burning, bellows a war cry, and, with a flourish of his halberd, charges forward and strikes Kathalia. She ducks beneath the flashing blade, but not quickly enough; it leaves a wide gash on her back. The elven woman nearly swoons in admiration at the human's dashing charge, and she gamely tries to ignore the pain of her burns.

    Behind the houses, Tristan's opponent returns the favor, missing him with a hasty cut. The twisted hobgoblin shuffles away, on guard.

    Mikara feels two spikes of agony, as two slender arrows slam into her body from almost directly above. Looking up, she sees the outline of a gnome with a shortbow perched on the ridgepole of the large house she is sheltered behind. The gnome points, stabbing a finger towards her and towards Atreus. "Two of 'em here, the chick wit' da bow, and a guy wit' a knife. He's hard t'see, watch yer backs!" its ugly voice rings out clearly. Then it crouches and steps away from the edge, behind the ridgepole and out of sight.

    Mikara hits for 27 damage, and shifts to J10. I don't see a stealth check being possible, since her movement is not part of a move action, but a side effect of her attack. At any rate... ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

    Atreus shrouds the elf, disappears, and moves behind the house. Despite the -5 stealth penalty for moving more than 2 squares on his stealthy move action, he is hidden from all enemies... that he knows about.

    Woe moves forward, drops his torch (the yellow bit on the map shows where it illuminates with bright light) and readies a knockdown charge.

    Tristan misses.

    Kathalia moves, hits all three with Fires of Life, and wild shapes.

    The dwarf takes 5 fire damage, and uses Brimstone Hail, burst 2 centered on N14. Targets reflex, hits Woe and Hacker, misses Kathalia. Woe and Hacker take 11 fire damage and are knocked prone. It saves vs. ongoing fire.

    The elf takes 5 ong. fire. She uses Emergency Healing on the human, who regains 5 HP and can make a saving throw: success. She whips out her hand crossbow and fires at Kathalia, 15 vs. AC misses. She saves vs the ong fire.

    The human uses Inspire Zeal; elf gains 10 temp HP. He charges to N11 and attacks Kathalia (reach 2), 31 vs. AC hits for 9 damage, and Kathalia is marked (tent Human). Woe's readied charge doesn't fire, since he's prone.

    The hobgoblin attacks Tristan wiht Shadow Strike, 15 vs. AC misses. It shifts W to H14.

    The goblin, previously unseen on the roof of a house, shoots Mikara twice with Rapid Shot. 27 vs. AC hits for 10 damage, and 31 vs. AC hits for 7 damage. Mikara is bloodied. It calls a warning, then backs away from the edge of the roof and stealths, pretty badly.

    passive perception [URL=""
    12[/URL]]It's in I8

    The roof of the house is 15 feet high, sloping to 20' at the ridge. Athletics DC 20 to climb up to the roof, and standing on the roof is difficult terrain. For the sake of simplicity, use the same numbers if you feel like climbing on other houses.

    Everyone is up.

    death penalty
    Well, this situation isn't terribly clear... But this isn't the time or place to argue about it. I won't worry about the death penalty here, and I'll start another thread to talk about status effects across adventures if I have energy left.

    status and initiative

    • Mikara 17/34 hp, 7/7 surges, bloodied <== You're up
    • Atreus 39/39 hp, 9/9 surges
    • Kathalia 27/36 hp, 9/9 surges, wild shaped, marked (tent Human)
    • Tristan 34/34 hp, 9/9 surges
    • Woe 35/46 hp, 11/11 surges, prone
    • Human 30 damage, Mikara's quarry
    • Dwarf 13 damage
    • Elf 13 damage, +10 temp HP, 1 shroud
    • Hobgoblin, undamaged
    • Gnome, undamaged
    • Hacker 25/36 hp, 9/9 surges, prone

    Resources Used:
    • Kathalia: Fires of Life,
    • Atreus: Cloak of Shades,
    • Mikara: Evasive Strike, Elven Accuracy,
    • Dwarf: Brimstone Hail
    • Human: Inspire Zeal
    • Hobgoblin: shadow strike

    Enemy stats

    Human: HP 106, AC 20, Fort 18, Ref 17, Will 18. BMA +11 vs. AC 1d10+5 damage and target is marked TENT (Human).

    Dwarf: HP 63, AC 19, Fort 17, Ref 16, Will 18. BMA +10 vs. AC, 1d10+1 damage.

    Elf: HP 45, AC 16, Fort 17, Ref 16, Will 18. BMA +11 vs. AC, 1d8+2 damage

    Hobgoblin: HP 50, AC 19, Fort 16, Ref 16, Will 15. BMA +10 vs. AC, 1d6+2 damage

    Goblin: HP 63, AC 16, Fort 17, Ref 18, Will 17. BMA +9 vs. AC, 1d4+2 damage


    Squares within 5 of Woe's torch are brightly lit. Everywhere else is dimly lit, and is treated as lightly obscured unless you have low light vision. Lightly obscured means all enemies have concealment, if there's 5 or more lightly obscured squares between you and the enemy, they have total concealment (though you'll still know where they are unless they make a stealth check).

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    //Virtue of Cunning: Kathalia may slide one square, as a free action, since an opponent missed her.//

    Quote Originally Posted by covaithe View Post
    Woe leaps forward, barely clearing Hacker's head....
    "Gawds-*****! Watch it, *****-ball!"

    Quote Originally Posted by covaithe View Post
    Hacker is caught in the blast as well....

    Hacker stands. //Move: Stand Up//

    Hacker pulls a chunk of charred scab off his own flesh, pops it in his mouth, and chews slowly. After he swallows, he extends the Digit of Disapproval at his enemies. //Minor: Designate Prey - Human//

    Hacker takes a deep breath. He plucks a single string on his banjo, listens, and adjusts the tuning. Then, he launches into a high-velocity, hate-filled, death metal rant of pure, unholy profanity.

    Somehow, the improbable inhumane invection in the song stirs the party's hearts and sharpens their senses for battle. //Standard: Concerted Effort - Until the end of Hacker's next turn, each target gains a +1 power bonus to attack rolls. Whenever a target hits with at least one attack during his or her turn, the bonus increases by 1 for each target whose turn has not yet started.//

    The music suborns the human's will, forcing him to dance at bone-shattering velocity, directly into Woe's spear. //Action Point: Blunder v. Human, 1d20+6 (base) +2 (prey)=25 v. Will, 1d6+5 (base) +2 (prey) =13 damage, slide human to N13; Woe attacks with spear, 1d20 +9 (base) -2 (prone) +5 (Blunder) +1 (Concerted Effort) =24, 1d8+5=7 damage; Human marked by Woe.//

    //Concerted Effort Bonus is now +2...//

    //Team, I suggest that everyone spend the action points, because each turn a character hits, that bonus gets higher!//

    Hacker's Stats
    Hacker Brass - Gnome Bard 3
    Passive Perception 11, Passive Insight 11, Low-Light Vision
    AC 20, Fort 13, Reflex 17, Will 16 -- +5 to saves v. illusion
    HP 25/36, Bloodied 18, Surge Value 9, Surges 9/9
    Speed 5, Initiative +2
    Action Points: 0, Second Wind
    At-Will Powers: Misdirected Mark, Vicious Mockery
    Encounter Powers: Blunder, Dissonant Strain, Fade Away, Ghost Sound, Majestic Word x2, Screaming Hide Armor +1, Words of Friendship
    Daily Powers: Concerted Effort, Fochlucan Banjo, Stirring Shout
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    Block H.M.Gimlord

    New mingled with old.
    Letting blood's not new to me.
    'Tis but a nuisance.

    Ignoring the gnome on the roof (for now), Mikara allows her racism to fuel her aim. She fires off two shots at the man in armor, but realizes that the damage just wasn't enough. She looses two more arrows which strike a little deeper and disappears behind the building.

    Standard: Twin Strike
    Target: Human
    Attack: 1d20+9+1(Hacker's Bonus)=30;1d10+1=4;1d20+9+1(Hacker's Bonus)=22;1d10+1=2. Hits AC 22 or below for 13 damage
    Crit damage for Longbow+1: 1d6=4
    AP: Cut and Run
    Target: Human
    Attack: 1d20+9+1(Hacker's Bonus)=22; 2d10+6+1d8(HQ,LH)=16;1d20+9+1(Hacker's Bonus)=29;2d10+6=16. Both arrows hit AC 22 or below for 32 damage

    I rolled 2d0 instead of 2d10 for the first damage roll the extra 2d10 was rolled here with a result of 11 (added to the damage above for a total of 43 just for the cut & run).

    Effect: Shift to G7 (I'm assuming I can do this at ground level)
    Move: to H4 avoiding OA from roof.
    Stealth: 1d20+14=23 I know that the hobgoblin has LLV, but hopefully he's occupied with Tristan .

    Total damage:
    49 60!

    Somebody hit the human...please. I think he's only got 27 16 hp left.
    OK. I see now that it actually has to be rolled at the end of a move action, but while we're getting technical, shouldn't the gnome and the hobgoblin have rolled stealth against perception for Kathalia, Tristan, and Mikara at the very least (all of us have low-light vision, and relatively high passive perceptions) prior to the combat sequence (Of course concealment penalties would apply)?

    BTW: With a PP of 21 (beating the gnome's stealth roll by 9), Mikara should at least have a general idea of where the gnome is.
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    Atreus moves closer to his prey, completely ignoring the shouts from the rooftop. Passing the corner he sees that the elf hadn't moved an inch, which will not be to her advantage. Atreus smiled.

    The shadow reaches the end of the alley and from his back shoots forth almost invisible tendrils that pierce and strangle the elf, while dragging her from his wounds nearer to the Revenant hiding in the alley.

    " Hello Elf " the Assassin greets the fey as he pulls forth his deadly Axe. " You have no idea whom you are dealing with, do you? " he says standing right before her in the shadow where he watches her closely with his glowing red eyes, observing her every movement.

    Move Action + Standard Action: Moves silently to L2 ( Stealth Roll 30)
    AP: Attacks elf with executioners noose; Hits fort 23+3 =26 and does 8 damage, pulls the elf to M2, and the elf is slowed. Gains 3 temp. hit points from his class feature!
    Minor Action: Pulls forth his nasty Axe
    Free Action: Shrouds the Elf
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    //After Woe's hit, the Concerted Effort bonus increased to +2.

    After Mikara's hit, it increased to +3.

    After Atreus's hit, it is now +4.

    The bonus applies to attacks against any enemy and ends at Hacker's EONT.

    For the love of Pete, use those action points, so you can take advantage of the bonuses!//
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    Team Combo coming up
    Quote Originally Posted by H.M.Gimlord View Post
    Somebody hit the human...please. I think he's only got 27 16 hp left.
    Isn't the halberdier already down? When Covaithe updated he had taken 30 damage, then Hacker hit him for 13, Woe for 7, and Mikara for 60. That totals 110 damage and he only got 106 hp.

    Just need a quick update before I milk Rain of Blows to elevate Concerted Effort to ridiculous heights.

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    Team Combo

    I was thinking, shouldn't we avoid killing these mercenaries, if we are to run with being innocent and all that is. It will certainly create some doubt about us being ruthless killers, not that Atreus cares about it, but he knows Woe would.

    Nice Power Kenhood!

    And holy cr** that your ranger of yours is nasty H.M. Gimlord!
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    Woe would, in fact, prefer not to kill them, but more out of a fellow mercenary kinship kind of sense. There's no animosity between our teams, just people doing their job.

    They do, however, have a healer, which means that knocking them out would not necessarily remove them from the fight while she's active. Unless...

    Cov, would it be ok for us to describe victories as disarming them, sundering weapons, or something else that takes them out of the fight, even if the elf should heal them?

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    Block Lord Sessadore

    Tristan grins at the hobgoblin. "Well, that wasn't a very good start for either of us. Don't worry though, I won't keep missing."

    In a blur of movement trailing ethereal silvery leaves, Tristan is suddenly behind the hobgoblin. He swings a diagonal downward strike but almost trips, then nearly gets his sword caught on the wall of the building beside him. However, luck is on his side and the elf does manage to land the attack, giving the goblinoid a nasty cut.

    Re-establishing his footing, Tristan strikes out and hits again, channeling Dayna's power to link him to his foe, disallowing escape.

    With two new cuts in his opponent, Tristan's predatory smile gleams in the dim night.
    Minor: Oath of Enmity vs. hobgoblin.

    Standard: Angelic Alacrity (shift to H13) vs. hobgoblin: 1d20+9+4=15, 1d20+9+4=16, 2d12+5=17 - 16 vs. AC for 17 damage. What the ...
    Burning Elven Accuracy to reroll the attack: 1d20+9+4=14, 1d20+9+4=14. Two ones?! I knew joining Palindrome's old adventure was a mistake ...
    Burning Luckblade power to reroll the attack (again): 1d20+9+4=32, 1d20+9+4=15 - 32 vs. AC! I don't suppose anyone has something to let us crit on 19's?

    AP: Bond of Pursuit vs. hobgoblin: 1d20+9+4=14, 1d20+9+4=30, 1d12+5=9 - 30 vs. AC for 9 damage. If the target ends his turn non-adjacent to me, I can shift 5 squares as a free action and must end the shift closer to him.

    Move: None.

    Tristan stats
    Tristan Moonblade - Male Elf Avenger (Dayna) 2
    Passive Perception: 22, Passive Insight: 15; Low-light vision
    AC:18, Fort:15, Reflex:17, Will:17 -- Speed:7
    HP:34/34, Bloodied:17, Surge Value:8, Surges Left:9/9
    +2 item bonus to saves vs. poison keyword, weakened, slowed, immobilized.
    Action Points: 0, Second Wind: available
    Bond of Pursuit
    Radiant Vengeance

    Angelic Alacrity
    Avenger's Resolve
    Channel Divinity
    Elven Accuracy
    Oath of Enmity

    Oath of the Final Duel

    Group Awareness: All non-elf allies within 5 squares of Tristan gain a +1 bonus to Perception.

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    // Kathalia will also wait for an update, as she has some serious positional planning to do. Probably going to use predator's flurry to try and daze two of our opponents, hopefully can get some flanking in with Woe...

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