Thursday, 17 December, 2009
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    Thursday, 17 December, 2009

    [imager][/imager]D&D 4th Edition News
    Pathfinder News
    • Heads up Pathfinder fans, today is a double feature release day for SGG. Available now at the EN World store are: Loot 4 Less Vol. 2: Pretty, Pretty, Rings, and The Forgotten Tomb of Felgar the Goblin King, a Pathfinder adventure for levels 2-5.
      • Loot 4 Less 2 presents the cheapest of rings, easy items any character can use. Not only do we provide each item with a full description and cost, we’ve scattered sidebars throughout the book to explain those costs. Each Behind the Counter sidebar explains how a price was arrived at, allowing GMs to apply the logic to other abilities (and be better able to change the pricing to match the needs of their campaign, with a firm knowledge of where the numbers come from).
      • The Forgotten Tomb of Felgar the Goblin King, an adventure for characters of 2nd – 5th level, contains everything you’ll need for an evening of fun with Pathfinder including the adventures, map tiles, tactical maps, and standees.
    D&D 3.5/OGL News

    [imagel][/imagel]Other News
    • Sneak Peak: Ashton Sperry's Paper Minis‏ Rite Publishing has posted two images from Ashton "N'wah" Sperry's work creating paper minis for the Litorians Patronage Project.
    • Dungeons & Dragons For Microsoft Surface Has Come A Long Way The guys who are bringing Dungeons & Dragons (unofficially) to Microsoft's tabletop Surface system have been plugging away at their creation, giving an extended, in-depth look at how one DMs the world's most expensive, most technically impressive campaigns. The SurfaceScapes team at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University gives a very clear explanation of how this project works, from the networked Dungeon Master laptop that controls much of the experience to just how the more fleshed-out interface will work. The SurfaceScapes guys have big plans for the project, some of which they tease in the linked video.
    Lawsuit Against Atari Over D&D License
    Hasbro today filed a complaint in the District Court of Rhode Island against Infogrames Entertainment S.A., a.k.a Atari, S.A., alleging fraud and five different breaches of their licensing agreement for the Dungeons & Dragons brand.

    Dungeons & Dragons is owned by Hasbro's wholly-owned subsidiary Wizards of the Coast, who discovered earlier this year that Atari may have entered into an unauthorized sublicensing relationship with Namco Bandai Partners (NBP) for the Dungeons & Dragons digital game rights. NBP is a competitor for both Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro, and such an agreement is prohibited under the contract between Hasbro and Atari.

    "While unfortunate that we had to take this action, it is crucial for us to protect the Dungeons & Dragons brand," said Greg Leeds, President of Wizards of the Coast. "We have been working for several months now to reach resolution with Atari, and they have left us with no other choice than to pursue legal action."

    Hasbro is seeking compensatory damages for economic losses suffered as well as a termination of the licensing agreement.
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