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    Yeah I had read that, its all original stuff or OGL. I think I will still play in this one and that one. I need some new games. I don't know much about 4E but I want to try it out. I think I might have a class I want to try out a little bit.


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    Reklaw (est all)

    Here's a list of LEB classes/races/etc. (current of about 2 weeks ago)
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    Apparently rolling a 4E character and making a sheet is proving harder than I thought.

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    Going to a Red Wings game tonight. I'll be posting either later tonight or if I'm really tired, tomorrow aftertoon.

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    Have fun, important game against Nashville...

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    Well, my laptop has been shipped off to IT, so I may not see it for a month or so. This means my posting will be very spotty until I get the machine I haven't used for 2 years up to speed. Likely sometime next week.
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    Wow thats too bad stonegod, but I hear you. Good luck. Gotta stay good on that warranty.
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    Just wanted to ensure everyone has seen the latest erratas


    One thing is the change to a daily power for Life Transference. Hymn of Resurgance is changed as well, Burst changes to blast 5

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    River got nerfed here... and I wasn't finding him that strong... well, Life Transference is now a lot more in line with Cure Light Wounds. Hymn of Ressurgence, I'm less sure about it needed a nerf, but still good.

    What is the politics about changing power after errata? Just for my information, as I more think I will continue with those power and retrain if I am no more satisfied by them.
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    Hmmm...can't find anything in the charter about it, but L4W auto-includes the errata and I'd assume the same here

    A bunch of PC's here got smacked when they nerfed the Cloak of Distortion property (including Tamarand)

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