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    Depending on your exact timetable to pull characters in, you may want to wait for Race of the Five Horns to finish. We're on our last fight, I think- but it may drag a bit if we continue to have trouble hitting things. The current party has two strikers and a controller- and since Stonegod's next adventure is not (apparently) a direct continuation, so of us might be recruitable.

    On the plus side, I think people coming out of that adventure will be closer to the party level in Eye of the Tiger- I'd guess we'll be level 6 or so with RP.


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    Yeah, that might work (depending on timing). I am also going to retire Vok, seeing as there's a glut of defenders and my other PC (Thalen) is a defender. Not that I can be in the game as I've got Thalen there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaBaNa View Post
    Ignore me!
    No, I won't. Asking to ignore you is the best way to get attention, you know?
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    FYI: We're going have 2-3 games ending soon, so now is the time for folks to think up adventures. DM points await!
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    I have a follow up for the Moonwatch folks ready. I also have another adventure approved in the wings but need to wait until Paper Chase is done, which of course won't help because those PC's will be looking for adventure.

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    Im working on a vignette, but Id like to work on my Eberron lore before I start running PCs through adventures. I've got most of the adventure mapped out in a very skeletal way. I just need to sort out who the baddies are and why. I should have it in to the judges before the Kalends of March.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stonegod View Post
    FYI: We're going have 2-3 games ending soon, so now is the time for folks to think up adventures. DM points await!
    Just bumping this. Ladylaw's game just ended as did stonegod's plus there was almost a full group in the tavern before that. If anyone has any questions or wants to bounce ideas don't hesitate to ask. I'd be glad to help out any first time PbP DM's out there

    I can tell you, it's a lot of fun which is why I have run so many adventures.
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    OK evilbob has vanished for a while, so we need another judge to finish off Ladylaw's game including RP (which is like 5 or 6 since the game's been going since the beginning of august). Can somebody jump in for that?
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    I just sent a new adventure proposal to help get some of the people in the tavern playing.

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