[Pathfinder] The Forgotten Terror - OOC
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    [Pathfinder] The Forgotten Terror - OOC



    White-hot pain lanced through your back, sliced through your innards, and exploded out your stomache. Pain, like nothing ever-before experienced, suffused your entire being. A scream rose from your breast, but was cut silent by another brutal blow. The assailent, masked though he was, gave himself away with the weapon he bore. Twin snakes intertwined to form the kris-dagger, either tail forming one side of the blade. Between the fanged mouths was a flawless ruby, bloodred, yet pulsating with an inner light. Such was the last thing seen in life.

    Or was it? Death had come swiftly, yet through fluttering eyelids came the ruddy-glow of light, of life? Feeling came to fingers and toes, slowly and with an accompanied buzzing sensation. Like awakening from a prolonged slumber, wakefulness was slow to be had. Had death been staved off?

    You come to your senses in a place unlike any you have ever seen before. The suface beneath you is a sheet of red glass or crystal, which glows with a diffuse, rippling light. It stretches out of sight in all directions with no visible edge or border. Above you, a black sky devoid of stars, clouds, or other features spreads from horizon to horizon. Vast arcs of crimson lightning sporadically lance across this void followed swiftly by tremendous claps of thunder. These mighty reports cause the ground beneath your feet to tremble, yet no echo is ever heard in their wake. The air around you feels neither cold nor warm and is without scent or motion. Stiffling, the vast openness seems somehow close and confining...


    PC Creation Rules

    - Sources -
    Pathfinder SRD
    Magic Item Compendium
    Campaign Setting 'Fluff' (Any/All)

    - Ability Scores -
    84 Points, 1:1 distribution -OR- 4d6drop/reroll-ones

    - Classes -
    Any Core Class / Prestige Class combination

    - Level -
    (75,000XP / Fast XP Rate)

    - Hit Points -
    MAX at 1st level, 75% (rounded up) every level thereafter

    - Races -
    Any Standard Core Race

    - Wealth -
    50,000GP for Magical and Non-Magical equipment

    NOTE: Only the Pathfinder SRD and Magic Item Compendium (3.5e) are available at the beginning of the Campaign, additional material from other Pathfinder sources will be made available after the game has started.

    Posting Rate: At least 2 per week, preferably more. This DM is online M-F

    DM Contact: faerundm@yahoo.com

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