Wryd of Questhaven
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    Wryd of Questhaven

    Disclaimer: The reviewer was given a complimentary copy for review. Furthermore, this is not a play test review.

    Wryd of Questhaven, by Rite Publishing, is what I would characterize as a Character Supplement for the Pathfinder campaign setting. The Wyrd, are proud race of half-elven/half ogre magi stock created at the command of The Mandate of the August Personage in Darkness. The Wyrd are usable as player characters at 1st level, and the book is stocked with custom feats, spells, and prestige classes.

    The PDF is laid out very well with a nice opening section describing the intricices of the Wyrd with full explanation on how the Wyrd view themselves in regards to not only themselves but to the other races. Branching out from the overview we see a new seven level class called Paragon that provides a player with becoming an exemplary member of the Wyrd race. Following that portion we have new feats giving the players the chance to boost their ogre or elven characteristics such as at will spells, seeing farther in certain conditions, and increased spell resistance. Fans of sorcerers have the ability to take a bloodline giving the powers of an Oni (Asian themed demon) with all the appropriate powers, abilities, and supernatural abilities one would expect of having bred with the forces from below. The Prestige Class Whispering Adviser of the Emperor of Dragons details a class that is suited to play out as a tactician, diplomat, or person behind the throne ringed in politics and intrigue definitely suited to a NPC class to spice up those royal vizirs Concluding we see new spells that fit the oriental theme of dragon based explosions, magic negation, skill check enhancements, and more.

    What I Liked

    This book reminded me so much of what made Oriental Adventures great of first edition. You get wonderful artwork that is both black and white and in beautiful color. The race itself is well balanced and can easily be dropped into place without disrupting your existing campaign. The Paragon class may be a tough sell for a 1st level PC but give it a level or two of sorcerer and it will go toe to toe with appropriate level classes. Feats aren't overpowered and neither are the spells, it's a welcome shift from reading supplements that would make a DM cringe at being asked to use in their world without heavily modifying the base work.

    What I didn't like

    The Prestige Class didn't seem suited for a PC except for those that are playing in a heavy role-playing setting. The abilities that it brings are very well applicable for a city based or urban party, but more for a NPC than a PC. There is an item here that is begging to be fleshed out called the Codex of Five Horizons which is where all the abilities, for this PrC comes from. The DM is left up to decide what else is in it and the abilities therein.

    Wrap up

    Overall, this is a solid addition to any group who is looking for a Oriental/Asian themed race to play that takes the qualities of an elf and an ogre mage and blends them together. The production quality is high, the artwork is very well done, and everything is balanced and set to be easily adaptable to not only a Pathfinder game but anyone running a 3.x game as well.
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    I wanted to thank Leopold for taking the time to do a through review of the product.

    We contemplated letting the Whispering Advisor of the Emperor Dragon increase sneak attack or bard spell progression, in the end we decided that could have been overpowered.

    As to the Codex of Five horizons its just a book of secret teachings, I swear, and my advisor says its impolite to ask anymore questions about it

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