Have you explored Ave Molech?
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    Have you explored Ave Molech?

    The world of Ave Molech is a lore heavy world setting with goblin technicians, magic wielding tiefling, airships, dead gods and people with a metal look. While the setting was created with d20 modern stats and classes, you’ll see many races from 3.5 that have been modified (ps: tiefling were charismatic here years before 4th edition). However, with any lore heavy game, there is enough content that you could plug any town, idea or theme into your own current setting.

    Perhaps you’re not ready to sink into an entire new setting, Journals provide short, flash-fiction, stories that take place within the world of Ave Molech, but are created for GMs with the intension of incorporating them into your current game.

    Don’t have a game going on, or looking for some new inspiration for your adventures, Lore may be just the thing for you. Lore are books designed to expand on the stories and people within the world of Ave Molech. While they do not add any additional mechanics to the game, they provide a lot of useful information for those looking to create settings of their own.

    Not yet sold on the world of Ave Molech? Then curl up with a good book by the fire and read of a mystery involving magic wielding officers, half-demons and betrayal in Gloria Weber’s Gaslight Demons.

    Available from these retailers RPGBomb, RPGNow, Drivethru, YourGamesNow, e23 and Paizo. If you are looking to see if our products are carried at a particular book store near you visit here, Barnes & Noble, [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Ave-Molech-Second-Michael-Hurston/dp/0615184006/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1212350076&sr= 8-1"]Amazon[/ame], or [ame="http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=692075"]Lulu Hardcover[/ame]. You can also find all our of titles at discounted rates at our very own [ame="https://www.morbidgames.com/emporium/"]MORBIDGAMES Emporium[/ame]. Need Ave Molech on the go? [ame="http://www.shortcovers.com/user/MORBIDGAMES-Publishing/profile-ooZdOYFuOE2B6PyhfO1BRg.html"]Get the Mobile versions for your phone here[/ame].

    Afraid of printing PDFs? Don't worry, each Morbidgames Product has a "Notice to Copiers and Printers" on the inside cover stating that you as the owner have the right to rpint out our products for personal use.
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