WotBS: Adrana's Diary
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    WotBS: Adrana's Diary

    Entries in the journal of the elven refugee Adrana:

    I'm grateful to have found work in the stables. Mother has tried her best to care for us since father sent us away to Gate's Pass. Living in such ugly squalor has really taken its toll on her. We all look forward to the time when rumors of war pass and father sends word that it's safe to return to our forest home.


    The griffons are magnificent! Graceful, beautiful creatures. It must be a wonder to ride through the clouds patroling the surrounding countryside for danger. I stood in such awe that I thought the master breeder was going to dismiss me. But he just smiled, patted my head, and chided me to get back to cleaning up.


    Today was amazing! One of the females gave birth. The master breeder explained to me what a rare occurence this was. It was so tiny! I can't believe such a grand creature starts its life so small.


    I fear for the baby griffon. It looks sickly and the master breeder has been tending to it often and quite curt. I can tell he is very upset. I pray that he can help it. If only it would eat it could grow strong.


    The master breeder walked away today with his head hung low. I started to cry. I ran to see what had happened, though I was already sure what must have occurred. The little griffon just laid there. I could not believe it had died. I entered the stall and cradled it in my arms. He wasn't dead! But he barely lived. I tried to feed it as I saw the master breeder do countless times. I was amazed to see the little griffon start to feed! I looked up through my tear-soaked eyes and saw the master breeder standing there with a burlap sack. He had the same look upon his face as mine.


    Quesselle (I've decided to name the little griffon such) is doing much better. The master breeder cannot believe the recovery he has made.


    I asked the master breeder today what would happen with Quesselle. He told me that he has never seen a bond so strong and that if it weren't for me the little griffon would have died. So he said I am to care for Quesselle!


    The cavalry riders have taken me under their wing (he he) in appreciation for what I've done with Quesselle. They even let me train with them. They all laughed when I picked my weapon. So what if the sword is as big as me! I'm stronger than I look and I'm sure I'll get the hang of it.
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