I would like to get more role playing out of my game. Our average session begins with someone needing to catch up their character and then leads into my recap. After a short speach I remind the characters of their exact situation they left off.

Normally a session begins in either the wilderness or a town. If there is nothing urgent at the time they begin doing simple bartering, pick pocketing (rarely), and looking for some kind of job. A few of the PC's play diplomatic characters and tend to get into lengthy conversations with NPC's trying to recruit, gather information, and accidently sprining arguments.

The other PC's make up a forray of characters varying from a half-celestial human psion to a half-dragon Githyanki fighter. The characters that are not diplomats don't really interact with the acception of killing things and bickering amongst themselves. When a generic quest like kill the troll pops up they rarely spring in to action so they need other kinds of motivation. Treasures namely.

The PC's know my intentions are false and apply metagame physics to over-lucritive opportunities. Even if I was to make such an opportunity they would pass it up. They want to think they bluffed me. If I show them the item, possibly in the possession of a powerful NPC located in the town or by noticing a dragon in the sky they go after it.

They fail sometimes, which of course begins a chase, fight, or other encounter.

Then rinse and repeat mostly... sometimes they get involved in a war for fun, sometimes they side with a leader to gain more experience and gold, and sometimes they get a prostitute pregnant.

Generally I never see epic plots, which I am fine with because epics should remain epics. They only happen once in a while.

The issue I find annoying is that there is never any important interaction outside the party. They don't make friends, though they do make enemies. Metagame thinking prevents me from tieing important npc's to the party, "the DM is sure making this guy stick out... at least a little bit... I don't trust this character, but maybe I can get some information or equipment from him."

If the PC's can get something out of him and end the association there they often kill, abandon, or mislead the NPC. If they encounter him again they expect to either continue abandoning, killing, or misleading him unless they see immediate information.

One ally they always keep is the generic Powerful Good Cleric . If that kind of character needs help they jump up and obey, as long as there are no strings attached.

Next session, tomorrow, I am going to try another hook.
The Greater Evil hook. Enemy A is more powerful than the PC's and is their competition. Enemy B is the constable from a town the PC's are infamous in for less than legal activities. Enemy C is the Ogre Mage bastard the PC's have never encountered before and has all plans to eliminate Enemy A, is a bigger agrivation to Enemy B, and is holding not one, but two of the PC's hostage (of 9 total PC's in the campaign).

I am hoping the PC's follow the hook and aid either A or B, but there needs to be a reason they don't want to backstab A or B.

A is going to be important because only he knows how to free the PC's appropriately for the time being. B can only offer immunity from their current record of crimes in his jurisdiction.

This is my first step to getting roleplaying going. If you think you can improve/replace my idea, or have other steps I can take then inform me. Keep in mind that hey "want" to roleplay, they need a little help though.