Pathfinders of Pelligrew's Pinnace [OOC 01]
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    Pathfinders of Pelligrew's Pinnace [OOC 01]

    OK, here we go!

    First item of business is party formation. Lets get a discussion started regarding what class everyone is interested in playing. The party is small 3 members but please dont let that limit your choices. I feel certain youll be resourceful enough to find your way through any obstacle that presents itself.

    Setting is Golarion, and youll be starting in Absalom a sprawling Free City and the center of trade for the Inner Sea.

    If youre interested in Golarion either in general or for character background and dont have the books, check out the Pathfinder Wiki. Fluff from this source should be OK, but check out any crunchy bits you pick up there with me, please.

    The sites still (and always will be) a work in progress, but Ive got some of my House Rules posted in the OP Wiki. (Click on the Wiki tab just under the banner and then on the House Rules link in the side bar).

    Any classes from the Core Rules are available, along with the playtest classes from the Advanced Players Guide (but be aware that these will be converted to official versions once the APG comes out).

    Core races are available, of course. Aasimar and Tieflings are also available, and Ill be using the variant Tiefling bloodlines and abilities from the Council of Thieves Adventure Path. If youre interested in either of these races and dont have access to the Bestiary or CoT let me know and Ill make posting the info on the appropriate wiki pages a priority. (I think the Bestiary is incorporated into the SRD, but dont hold me to that).

    Ive got some ideas about Brass Men (Warforged) and Goliaths, but nothing resolved or down on paper so if your really keen on either of these Ill have to do some work to get them ready. But Im willing!

    There's not a Rogues Gallery thread for this game - characters will be posted on the OP site. I've got a sheet set up for each of you with my preferred Character Sheet Template - just go to the Wiki, click on your name in the sidebar and edit the sheet. (Leave the <pre> and </pre> tags - they work like the {code} tags here on ENWorld).

    I'll put a link to the OP Site and Threads for this game in my sig as well.

    So, jump in and get some classes/races for me, and then Ill get you the next step!
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    What would you guys think about using Gestalt Classes since there are only three of you? This would make your initial class choice less crucial.

    If you're not familiar with these rules, they're posted here.

    If we do go this route, I reserve the right to modify the 3.5 SRD rules for Gestalt slightly. Among other possible modifications I'd allow only one of your classes to be primary spellcasters.

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    One more thing -

    Don't be intimidated by the amount of material out there (actually less than 3.5). My plan is to take plenty of time generating characters, talking over different options, etc. As we go I'll be more than happy to suggest different feats, traits, equipment, etc. that might be appropriate.

    However, though I have all of the source books I've made available I'm not intimately familiar with them so it's likely there's stuff out there that I won't recall off the top of my head.

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    Hey Mike,

    subscribing right now (gf in the shower ) I was looking over classes and thinking that since there will only be three of us to start might play a warrior/healer.

    I don't have time for looking up the other rules but will this week.

    My question is should I go Cleric of a War God or play a Druid which would give me heal and elemental attacks and an animal companion to help in a crunch.

    I'm good either way.

    Jake (HM)

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    Entirely up to you, of course, Jake!

    I've got a feeler out to a fourth - if he joins in we won't need to do the Gestalt thing. Hopefully I'll hear back from him today.
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    Hi guys, and nice to meet you Jake

    I'm easy on rules, Mike. If your 4th is up for it then that's good; if not, gestalt is another of these rules mods (like E6) which look interesting and would add a different feel to the game. I'd like to try it out sometime, but it doesn't have to be here.

    I have a basic idea for a PC which I hope will work equally well as gestalt or as part of a group. Would fill a fighter and skill role, which if HM is looking at cleric/warrior gives us a couple of bases covered without intruding on each other too much. I'll post more details on where my thinking is going later, and you can give me input on how/if you think it is workable.

    Malcolm (gh)

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    Just heard from my friend Mike - he'd like to join us as our fourth, so we won't be doing Gestalt classes.

    I'm not sure if I'm relieved or disappointed. They would certainly have given a different feel to the game, but I was a little concerned about the power level of each character mixing with the limit on number of actions posed by the small group.

    I think, however, that this will be a solid group. Just the right size, and having played with each of you before the role play and group dynamics should be excellent!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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    I've been in something of a manic (or maybe maniacal?) spurt the past day or so, resulting in a good bit of info on the OP site. Still, don't feel rushed to look through it - take as much or as little time as you want.

    I've got details of the Aasimar, Tiefling and Brass Man (a Golarion version of the Warforged) posted up under Character Creation in the House Rules section.

    Still working on the Goliath - I may or may not be able to get that one worked out like I wish.

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    The Goliath is posted, giving us four non-standard races to compliment the six from the core rule set.

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    I'm certainly not averse to trying out the gestalt anyway.

    You said the initial adventures were a sort of prequel to the AP when it comes out; why not use them as a test bed? See how it plays - wouldn't have thought as 1st or 2nd level PCs we'll wreck anything - then if it doesn't fit with your idea, we'll all have developed a good feel for our (and each others) PCs by that point, so we could choose 1 of the 2 classes which feel like the best representation and 'downsize' to that (with a bit of thought about party composition too).

    Don't know if anyone has any experience with the Pathfinder APs, but having played through the first 2 parts of Rise of the Runelords with a 4 PC group, we got our asses handed to us so often, I was intimately familiar with every pimple and blemish on those 4 butts by the end of it!

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