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    Pathfinders of Pelligrew's Pinnace [OOC 01]

    OK, here we go!

    First item of business is party formation. Lets get a discussion started regarding what class everyone is interested in playing. The party is small 3 members but please dont let that limit your choices. I feel certain youll be resourceful enough to find your way through any obstacle that presents itself.

    Setting is Golarion, and youll be starting in Absalom a sprawling Free City and the center of trade for the Inner Sea.

    If youre interested in Golarion either in general or for character background and dont have the books, check out the Pathfinder Wiki. Fluff from this source should be OK, but check out any crunchy bits you pick up there with me, please.

    The sites still (and always will be) a work in progress, but Ive got some of my House Rules posted in the OP Wiki. (Click on the Wiki tab just under the banner and then on the House Rules link in the side bar).

    Any classes from the Core Rules are available, along with the playtest classes from the Advanced Players Guide (but be aware that these will be converted to official versions once the APG comes out).

    Core races are available, of course. Aasimar and Tieflings are also available, and Ill be using the variant Tiefling bloodlines and abilities from the Council of Thieves Adventure Path. If youre interested in either of these races and dont have access to the Bestiary or CoT let me know and Ill make posting the info on the appropriate wiki pages a priority. (I think the Bestiary is incorporated into the SRD, but dont hold me to that).

    Ive got some ideas about Brass Men (Warforged) and Goliaths, but nothing resolved or down on paper so if your really keen on either of these Ill have to do some work to get them ready. But Im willing!

    There's not a Rogues Gallery thread for this game - characters will be posted on the OP site. I've got a sheet set up for each of you with my preferred Character Sheet Template - just go to the Wiki, click on your name in the sidebar and edit the sheet. (Leave the <pre> and </pre> tags - they work like the {code} tags here on ENWorld).

    I'll put a link to the OP Site and Threads for this game in my sig as well.

    So, jump in and get some classes/races for me, and then Ill get you the next step!
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