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    Zin's Character Sheet

    Landscape 4E Character sheet in color. PDF form with calculated fields

    We introduced a new player to the group recently, and I noticed how much trouble she had finding things on the official character sheet printed out by the Character Builder. All the boxes look the same and kind of blend together. I took that as my inspiration to start working on a project I've had in mind for months. So I've been working on a 4E character sheet in landscape format.

    It's a bit different from some others out there. The first page covers character information including abilities, skills, feats, background, race and class features - all the stuff that makes your character who he or she is. The second page is dedicated to combat, and includes attack power summaries, and a special section on conditional effects which I believe is unique. I've found it all too easy to miss using conditional effects that are scattered among race features, class features, items, and powers. By summarizing these based on condition type, I hope to make it easier to find and use them when the appropriate trigger happens.

    The file is PDF form that will perform many calculations automatically. Because it's a PDF form, the file is best viewed with Adobe Reader 9. There are likely still has some bugs and design issues with it. I'd appreciate any comments people cared to make, from aesthetics to missing or incorrect tooltips or form field errors.

    Edit: Now updated to add in a portrait area on the second page. Unfortunately I don't know a good way to let the user put in an image in a form, but I'm still looking into it. The preview images have been updated to show the current version.

    Zin's Character Sheet version 0.6

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