Star Trek Prime Directive d20
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    Star Trek Prime Directive d20

    I am looking for that book no gamestore has it and no online sales has it in stock. I would like to look at it before I buy it to see if its as good as the GURPS version I own. I know this is a strange question to ask here but is there a place I can get a digital version of this to look at to see if I want to throw hard earned money at it or not? I like to know I am buying something worthwhile and not useless junk I will never use. (Like most of the DND4E books I own at this point.) Please help? You can email me at

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    Also a place I could buy it online would help since I cant find it anywhere.

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    I have the older Prime Directive stuff. I prefer (by a lot) the Last Unicorn Games' Star Trek RPG products. I have everything they ever released.


    I was not aware that D20 Prime Directive even existed!
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    Yes that, but maybe somewhere not ebay to buy it? I could get it here I guess but I am not a huge ebay fan.

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    You can order it straight from the publisher. It's in stock, according to their web site. They also sell Prime Directive for d20 Modern.

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