Help me stat out Tharizdun
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    Help me stat out Tharizdun

    My campaign revolves around The Chained God, Tharizdun. As the final boss, I intend to run the level 30 characters against him in a solo encounter.

    I don't know about Tharizdun beyond things like wikipedia. Normally when I do things like this without a concept, I simply just take a variety of powers from the PC classes. I could do this for Tharizdun but I'd rather put it up on the boards first.

    Seeing as he is to be a truly solo boss fight, I'd like his level to be about 35-36 and hopefully have the kind of staying power that Tiamat does as a single combatant.

    The more unique his abilities are to the game the better.
    Since the stats are strictly for combat, things like skills are not terribly important. I'm looking at this in terms of what defenses he'd excel at, and powers would he have. Please minimize the use of stun condition.

    Have fun with it, and thanks in advance for anyone helping me out.

    I'm sure its quite possible this has already been done multiple times in the past, if anyone should have a link for me, that would be great.
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