Friday, 26th February, 2010
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    Friday, 26th February, 2010

    [imager][/imager]Updates from the ENnies

    The ENnies 2010 are gearing up, and we have a couple of updates for you!
    • ENnies Submissions Form Now Online Publishers can now use an online form for their ENnie submissions. Whether you’re planning on sending packages to the judges or submitting your products electronically, you can use the online form to let us know about your products. For more information, check out the “How to Enter” page on the ENnie Awards website.
    • 2010 ENnies Booth Volunteer Sign-UpWe are looking for good people volunteer their time at the ENnies booth. We would like two people to work each shift and as many as want to help tear down the booth. When scheduling your time, please plan to show up 10 minutes before it starts. Each volunteer should be ready to answer questions from passers-by about EN World and the ENnies. There will be a book at the booth with information such as when the ENnies ceremony will be held, the names of each judge, who the nominees are, etc. Also, some publishers may drop off materials for next years ENnies, so the volunteers will be required to have the publisher fill out a form and give the publisher a receipt. You also have to make sure nothing is taken from the booth, especially on Saturday and Sunday, after the ENnie winners are announced Friday night. There will be a handy reference book for you to look through that will have all of the information you need to know. Oh, did I mention the swag bag given to each volunteer?
    D&D 4th Edition News
    • Review of Dungeon Master’s Guide 2 How much do you really need another Dungeon Master’s Guide in order to run D&D 4<SUP>th</SUP> Edition? Check out this review of Dungeon Master’s Guide 2 and find out just how “core” this sourcebook really is.
    Pathfinder News
    Other News
    • Review of Dungeons & Desktops‏ The RPG Examiner reviews the comprehensive book by Matt Barton that covers computer role-playing games from their infancy to the MMORPGs of today.
    Erik Mona on Pen & Paper Gaming in the 21st Century

    Erik Mona is the Publisher at Paizo Publishing. In his GamesU 2009 Keynote, Mr. Mona provides a broad overview of the history of tabletop or "pen & paper" gaming, with a focus on Role Playing Games (RPGs). With this background established, Mr. Mona then discusses recent changes and, based on his experience and research, what he thinks the future holds for the hobby and the industry that supports it.

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