Homebrew Dragonlance 3.x conversion
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    Dragonlance 3.x conversion

    Has anyone come acrossed the Dragonlance converted to 3.5? I've googled around but cant find anything.


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    Search for Margaret Weis Publishing on Noble Knight Games or Dragontrove. They did about a dozen books for 3.X Dragonlance. You can not buy the PDFs anymore, because Wizards pulled the license. But some of the second hand dealers still sell the original books. They had some great books for Dragonlance.

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    You can still get most of the PDF's here. (They started publishing as Sovereign Press before changing their name to MWP. They keep all the Dragonlance under the SP company on RPGNow though.) Only the Dragonlance Campaign Setting (DLCS) and the Age of Mortals companion (AoM) are not available as PDFs.

    All of them can be found online in dead tree version, often for $5 to $10 each. Only Towers of High Sorcery is impossible to find and many end up paying $100+ for a copy!

    A list of all the products and reviews can be found on the Dragonlance Nexus.

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