4E Trapped in Hell's Basement (DM: Mal Malenkirk Judge:Covaithe)
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    Trapped in Hell's Basement (DM: Mal Malenkirk Judge:Covaithe)

    TRapped in Hell's Basement

    Haruka Sato: Warlock 3
    Sheng Zim: Sorcerer 3
    Raiko: Paladin 1
    Ashir: Wizard 1
    Max AKA Baazuka: Warlord 1

    XP: None yet

    Treasures: None yet
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    Patrin leads his crew toward their destination. It turns out to be a mite farther then he implied. But then, at the speed he is walking, one has to assume that Patrin's idea of a short walk isn't the same as a normal person's.

    Twenty minutes later the heroes have reached Monkhill. It is a rocky outgrowth near the center of Daunton, half a mile in diameter and barely a hundred feet high. Almost nothing grows on it and it's hardly a pleasant sight, yet it is fairly famous in the city. It is riddled with tunnels and underground rooms, virtually all of them monasteries. Apparently, the Sons of the Sword have joined the many religious communities of Monkhill.

    -''There, that's the way.'' Patrin said, indicating a tunnel. ''They aren't located on the edge, they are deeper inside. Let's go.''

    A winding tunnel leads the crew in front of a solid, heavy and bland wooden gate set into the stone. He boldly use the knockers.

    -''Open up, this is Daunton's guard.''

    A small sliding spy-hole is opened.

    -''No strangers!'' barks back a gruff voice.

    -''You go tell whoever is in charge that the city of Daunton and your monastic order need to come to an understanding about your actions in the Commons. Otherwise, there will be repercussion.''


    -''Go get your boss or I am coming back with a ****ing battering ram. You understand that, you moron?''

    A long silence follows this statement when finally the crew is asked to wait.

    A few minutes later, the door opens. A handsome man of middle years greet Patrin's warmly. He is athletic, armored and looks more like a knight than a monk.

    -''Welcome, my name is Gelname Speer. Always a pleasure to meet the valiants defenders of the city. What can I do to help you.'' he says with a charming smile.

    -''The short version is this; what you are doing in the Commons is technically illegal. We do appreciate it, mind you, and we might be open to deputizing your group, perhaps work together... But first, we must know what you are dealing with.''

    -''Well, it was my impression that we had the tacit blessing of the mayor...''

    -''Tacit doesn't cut it when you are talking about a private army running in the streets of Daunton.'' Patrin says firmly.

    A polite negocitation ensues but everyone can feel an underlying tension. Patrin wants to freely explore the monastery and interview its leaders while Gelname doesn't want a large party trampling through his monastery. They eventually reach an agreement.

    Everyone is allowed to enter the monastery but Gelname and Patrin agrees that only a small group of three, including Patrin, will be lead to a tour of teh facility. The others will wait in the entrance at the guard's post. Patrin isn't quite happy with this but consent. The group enters the keep. They note many guards. The Jadeites heroes can't help but notice two countrymen amongst the six guards presents. You wouldn't know that Jadeites are a rare sight in the city by the current assembly.

    -''All right, whoever stays behind, try to get into a friendly chat with the guard. See what you can get outa them. So, to accompany me, I am going to choose... huh...''

    Party Split!

    Ah! Who is going with Patrin. He wants at least one person with Arcana trained going with him. Otherwise, he doesn't know your group very well and he will take whoever seems the most confident and convincing (diplomacy).

    So here goes:

    Whoever wants to be one of the two PCs to accompany Patrin deeper into the keep, make a diplomacy check.

    If you wish to remains with the guards, don't make a check.

    If less than two PCs volunteer, Patrin will select people on the basis of their diplomacy modifier.

    If the two arcana-less PCs have the top two diplomacy check, the second highest will lose his place to the next best check.
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    "If you take one of the mystics with you, whose skills you previously addressed a desire for, I am best suited to covering your defenses should there be trouble." Raiko says, giving things some thought.

    "Then again, I am likely best suited to making sure this exit stays viable and open." He adds, not quite arguing one way or another.

    Diplomacy 13.

    Raiko is obviously not trained in Arcana. He's also not trained in diplomacy nor does he have a high charisma.

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    The genasi arcanist steps forward confidently when the guardsmen asks for volunteers and looks at the dragonborn. "I feel I can adequately meet your need for one with arcane prowess, although my people skills is somewhat lacking" Ashir says, leaning on his staff.


    Social skills are all at a penalty and he's fragile so if anything goes down he'd be in trouble. That said, he's got training in Arcana and Religion and a high Int (although Haruka does also, plus she's got survivability). Best idea might be for him to hang out with Raiko for protection. I Think Haruka's a better choice also, but I just felt like rolling
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    "I will not be honorable if a man goes before a woman, so mistress Haruka, what are your desires? Would you willingly go with our respected leader?" asks Sheng. He remains still, hands at his back. His green eyes survey the area. "Perhaps I should stay and speak some words with these guards. I'm almost certain I can get something out of them."

    OOC: I'll not roll diplo. Sheng is not trained in Diplo and his arcana bonus sucks, although he has training in it. I think Haruka is the best choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renau1g View Post
    "Is everything ok? You look a little pale and your voice has changed...I didn't catch your name either." he adds.
    "I am Haruka Sato. And like I said before, my actions have had consequences. I... thank you for your concern, but I will be fine."

    Back in the present:

    Haruka smiles at Patrin's threat to smash down the door. In response to his need for volunteers she says, "I would be happy to accompany you. I believe I am well-prepared for whatever destiny may bring us."

    I'm tough as hell, well-educated, and have good social skills... except diplomacy. Got a 14.

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    Max shrugs his shoulders and say casually "I'll stay behind as well with green eyes," flashing a grin at Sheng. Looking at the guards, "Yes, I might be able to learn a thing or two from them as well." Max says with confidence.

    stat block

    Adverse Condition: none
    Initiative: +4
    Max - Human Bravura Warlord
    *Passive Insight 12
    *Passive Perception 13
    *Senses Normal
    *HP 48
    *Bloodied 22 Surge Value 5; Surges Per-Day 7
    *AC =17
    *Fortitude 16 Reflex 14 Will 13 Speed 5
    *action Points: 1
    *Second Wind: 1
    *At will:
    Commander's Strike
    Brash Assault
    Opening Shove
    Inspiring Word x 2k
    Battle Awareness
    Hammer and Anvil
    Concentrated Attack
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    -''...Ashir and Haruka. You will come with me me.'' Patrin says.

    He then signals everyone to huddle with him.

    -''Here, everyone keep this purple stone in a pocket. Don’t ask question. I would rather not have used expensive city equipment, but given the situation, I don’t think I have a choice. Be discreet. Don’t be startled if you hear voices in your heads, okay?'' Patrin says in a low voice.

    Patrin discreetly hands out stones the size of a small egg. It is easy to hide it completely in your fist and then find an occasion to discreetly pocket it.

    DC 10 Thievery or Bluff to pocket the stone discreetly, anyone with a mofifier of +5 in either succeeds automatically.

    You hear me? Good. The stones will pick up formed thoughts and broadcast them to everyone in close contact with them. The voice of Patrin echoes in every hero’s minds. Despite the warning, it is startling.

    Anyone trained in intimidate or with a will defence of 14 or better automatically refrain from showing emotions. Everybody else makes a wisdom or charisma check DC 10.

    Only thoughts worded clearly into words will be transmitted. Be careful not to let anyone in physical contact with you or they might accidently hear some of our thoughts. And try not to have dirty thoughts.

    It is possible and even likely to broadcast your thoughts accidently for comical ro RPG effect. But there are no mechanics for it; if you think your PC has the discipline to keep his ‘surface thoughts’ (formed sentence in his head) completely distinct from his ‘deep thoughts’ (what he really thinks), then he does.

    The crew splits. Patrin, Ashir and Haruka join Gelname who greets them with a firm handshake.

    -''Let’s begin the tour, shall we?''

    He leads the investigator deeper into the keep. Raiko, Max and Sheng remains behind and an uncomfortable silence falls in the room as the remaining heroes and guards stare at each other.

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    Ashir does his best to place the stone in his pocket without anyone noticing, but the genasi had never really demonstrated a knack for moving with grace.

    "Why didn't that dragonborn give us this on the way to this place? It would've served better" Ashir thinks before realizing it was transmitting. "Uh, yeah so be careful back there guys, if you hear us in trouble we'll need you to save our bacon" he quickly adds

    He then contents himself with internal reflection while he takes the rear spot behind Haruka, Patrin and Gelname.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhrfhjLd9e4]YouTube - The Simpsons - I Am So Smart[/ame]


    thievery (1d20=7) - nope. Will defense is 14 so no need for the other check

    L4W Ashir

    Init: +0 Speed: 6 Perception:12 Insight: 12
    AC: 14 NAD:15/14/14
    HP: 22/22 Surges: 7/7 Surge Value: 5 AP: 1
    Languages: Common, Primordial
    Str:18 Dex:10 Wis:14 Con:12 Int:18 Cha:8

    Scorching Burst
    Burning Hands
    Chill Strike
    Promise of Storms
    Second Wind
    Tome of Readiness
    Flaming Sphere
    Rolling Thunder

    [L4W:PC:Ashir (renau1g - ENWiki) Full Character Sheet]

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