4E Trapped in Hell's Basement (DM: Mal Malenkirk Judge:Covaithe) - Page 42
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    Block Voda Vosa

    "For the Five Storms and Twin Peaks!" Exclaims the sorcerer, seeing his end close. However, he poses triumphant, as if nothing happened. He could be a soul eater, baby killer, chaotic evil monk of destruction, but he had his honour.
    "Onward! Slaughter them all, we shall crush their souls under our boots!" He shouts, before almost whispering
    "Now Max you could lend me a hand."

    Use second wind (+10 hp, +2 all def) and enter total defence mode. Also, forgot to roll the resistance of the day. It is Force (Rolled a 4)

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    Haruka laughs as Gelname is completely consumed by the flames. "Think of this as a preview of what your masters have in store for you. I'm sure they'll be ver- urk!" Her mockery is cut short as she looks down and sees the blade of Gelname's polearm buried in her stomach. She blinks in confusion and staggers a few steps before collapsing, falling to the ground next to her burning adversary.

    3778 is a very good roll. Oh wait, a crit. 4190 damage. I think that might take me past negative bloodied.

    Amusingly, I checked my new xp points before coming to the thread, so I got those cheerful little messages before I knew about the crit.

    This is not actually my turn, as obviously I'd wait for a heal from Max or Raiko.

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    Block ScorpiusRisk

    Ancestors heed my prayers. The Oni are among me now. Their poison slows my moves and slays my allies. Help me cleanse my body.

    Raiko's prayer's are answered as a divine pressence helps him force the poison out. He moves quickly down the stairs and touches Sheng on the shoulder. The divine essence drains some of Raiko's endurance away but seems to fortify the sorcerer further.

    "Max, see to Haruka. I will secure this position further."


    Also, I believe my dragon breath sustained the mark on the spined devil. He should take 4 radiant damage for attacking Sheng.

    Raiko takes 5 ongoing poison damage.
    Minor: Divine Mettle on me. 10 I save vs slowed and poisoned. Woohoo!
    Move to C5.
    Standard: Lay on hands on Sheng. I spend a healing surge and Sheng regains hp as if he had spent a HS.

    Now the devil is no longer marked.

    Stat Block
    Raiko, Male Dragonborn Paladin 1 ()
    Init: +1; P.Insight: 20; P.Perception: 14
    AC: 21; Fort: 16; Reflex: 14; Will: 15
    HP: 27/41 +7 thp; Surges: 12 hp, 1/12
    AcP: 1
    AdP: 0
    Potions: 2

    Magic Oil: +1 to hit and dame with bastard sword attacks.

    Skills: History +7, Insight +10, Intimidate +9, Religion +5
    Languages: Common, Draconic
    Str: 18, Con: 15, Dex: 10, Int: 8, Wis: 16, Cha: 12

    Sling Bullets: 20/20

    Divine Challenge, Holy Strike, Valiant Strike, Lay on Hands (0/3 per day)
    Dragon Breath, Piercing Smite, Virtue, Second Wind, Chanel Divinity (Divine Mettle/Divine Strength)
    Paladin's Judgement

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    Ashir continues maintaining his fireball and moves it next to the flying sorceress. She is easily able to dodge his clumsy attack, Ashir struggles to maintain the ball both in the and be able to attack the woman. Luckily, the tremendous heat is still enough to burn her somewhat.


    Minor: Sustain Sphere
    Move: Move sphere to woman's height
    Standard: Attack Lana with Flaming Sphere - vs ref; fire (1d20+6=9, 2d6+9=19) swing and a miss.

    *At start of her next turn she takes fire (1d4+9=12) 12 fire damage.

    L4W Ashir

    Init: +1 Speed: 6 Perception:13 Insight: 13
    AC: 18 NAD:16/15/15
    HP: 22/26 Surges: 1/7 Surge Value: 6 AP: 0
    Languages: Common, Primordial
    Str:18 Dex:10 Wis:14 Con:12 Int:18 Cha:8

    Scorching Burst
    Burning Hands
    Chill Strike
    Promise of Storms
    Second Wind
    Tome of Readiness
    Moonstride (Shield)
    Fey Step (from Tome)
    Flaming Sphere
    Rolling Thunder

    Full Character Sheet

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    Block dimsdale

    "Got it", referring to healing Haruka, "but not before I try this. Raiko, move to your left" Max states and then swings at the beast in front of him, connecting savagely as his sword reaches bone. The creature shrieks in pain. "Hit him Raiko!", which the paladin does for a minor wound in the back.

    Max then turns his head in the direction of the sorcerer. "Get up Haruka! We can't win this battle without you. May your attacks be the one's that finish of the bitch!"

    Turing back to Raiko, Max shouts. "Let's do this again." Max swings his blade in a upward motion, connecting with the beast again. Raiko, with his advantage, hit as well, this time for much more damage. Again, the beast shrieks in pain...no...agony. "Yeeesssssssss!...That's the way its done Raiko!...That's the way its done!" Max is obviously caught up in the moment.


    movement: (Knight's Move: Encounter Power) move Raiko to D6 in order to gain combat advantage:

    attack: (Concentrated Attack: Daily): 1d20+9+2 vs AC: 31 crit for 2d8+4= 20 hp damage. AND...
    One ally within 10 squares of you can make a basic attack against the target as a free action. The ally gains a +2 bonus to the attack roll and the damage roll. The ally gains a +1 bonus to the attack roll if the target is adjacent to Max (Lend Might).

    Raiko gets a basic melee attack: 1d20+1 (lend might) +2 (power) + +2 (flank) + 9 vs AC: 21 (really a 23) for 1d10+5 = 6 +2 = 8 (forgot the +2 damage from power) and now the target is marked by Raiko.

    minor: inspiring word for Haruka: 1d6 = 6 hp plus Haruka gets to spend a healing surge.

    AP: Hammer and Anvil: 1d20+9+2 vs Reflex: 23 +3 = 26 (forgot the +3 for Action Surge feat) for 8 damage and Raiko gets another basic melee attack: 1d20+9+2+1 vs ac: 23 for 1d10+5-1= 15 and Raiko still has target marked

    total damage on flying beast: 51 points


    Max - Human Bravura Warlord 2
    *Adverse Condition: none
    *Initiative: +2
    *Human Feat (Action Surge): +3 on attack rolls when using AP
    *Passive Insight 13
    *Passive Perception 12
    *Senses Normal
    *HP 32 (24)
    *Bloodied 16 Surge Value 8; Surges Per-Day 7 0 Left
    *AC =19
    *Fortitude 17 Reflex 16 Will 14 Speed 5
    *action surges: 0
    *action Points: (USED)
    *Second Wind: 1
    *Basic Attack: +9 to hit: 1d8+5 Damage
    (+1) to hit and damage for this adventure
    *At will:
    Commander's Strike
    Brash Assault
    Opening Shove
    Inspiring Word 2 (1 USED)
    Hammer and Anvil USED
    Knight's Move (USED)
    Concentrated Attack (USED)

    AP Bravura Presence

    Bravura Presence

    When an ally I see spends an action point to take another action to use it as an attack, the ally can choose to take advantage of this feature before the attack roll. If the ally chooses to do so and the attack hit, the ally can choose to make a basic attack or a move action as a free action after the AP action. If the AP attack misses, the ally grants CA to all enemies TENT.

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    A soft whisper rises from Haruka's body, "Yes, Max, I know you all need me." Her eyes snap open and dart up at Lana before Haruka rolls onto her back, propping herself up on her elbows. "There's something you should know, Lana. You know all those accusations that have been thrown around? Doesn't it strike you as odd that both sides are accusing the other of working for the Oni? In all honesty, I think there's only one agent of the Shadow among us."

    Black oily liquid rises from Haruka's shadow and engulfs the warlock before melting away and leaving nothing behind. A pool of similar liquid appears on the upper walkway, and Haruka's prone body rises from it. Many of her burns and cuts seem to have healed. She smiles at Lana, apparently completely unaffected by her recent brush with the limitations of mortality. She speaks again, this time with a hollow facsimile of Gelname's voice, "Yes Lana, only one such agent. Better kill her quickly before she regains her strength. For the sake of your home, your honor, and your family. Except Sheng, of course. He can be eaten by dogs."

    Minor: Curse Lana
    Move: Eldritch Stride to teleport to J12, gaining +2 to all defenses TENT and concealment.
    Standard: Second Wind, gaining 11 hp and +2 to all defenses TENT.
    Free: Taunt Lana.

    Haruka's mini-stats
    Haruka Sato human warlock 4
    Initiative: +3 | Passive perception: 11 | Passive Insight: 17
    AC: 18 | For: 18
    | Ref: 18 | Will: 17
    HP: 28/46 | Bloodied: 23 | Surge value: 11 | Surges: 5/10
    Resist: 5 Necrotic, 5 Poison
    Speed: 6 | Languages: Allarian, Tsugo
    AP: 0 | Second Wind: not used
    Melee Basic Attack: +4 vs AC, 1d6 damage
    Ranged Basic Attack: +7 vs Reflex, 1d10+5 damage
    Powers: Eldritch Blast, Hellish Rebuke, Eyes of the Vestige
    Vampiric Embrace
    Fiery Bolt

    Flames of Phlegethos

    Ethereal Stride

    Deathcut Armor
    Prison of Salzacas

    +4 to all defenses


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    Total Defense
    Total defense is a standard action. So is second wind. Therefore Sheng can't do both in the same round. Let's stick with Second wind.

    Divine Challenge
    Added 4 damage to Spined devil

    You forgot the -5 to attack because the Spined devil was in shrouded area that Sheng conjured last turn.

    It was mentioned in previous post but that that's still mostly my fault, of course, because I didn't have the shroud graph up last turn as I should have. You still scored a crit so that's pretty good. Raiko missed on the free basic attack though (and he doesn't mark on those, you were thinking of Patrin ).

    So the actual result was both of your attack hit while both of Raiko's attack missed. 20 (for your crit) and 8

    The lucky crit still makes the first attack very good, the second isn't so much. Given that I take the blame for not showing clearly that the spined devil was in a clouded area, you can chose to retcon the AP and take it back (In which case I will add 8 HP to the current Spined devil score.

    Seeing the devastation caused by Lana's last attack, Patrin steps back, take a running start and leaps off the ledge, taking flight, like his ancestors, just long enough to slash Lana, sending blood everywhere.

    He then crashes to the ground, twisting his ankle.

    Swearing loudly he turns his head upward and exhales poisons. It's completely harmless but it provides the cover he needs; PAtrin drops his arms, picks up Gelname's fallen halberd and swings powerfully upward, catching Lana by surprise. She screams in shock and pain, disbelieving. She is on the edge of death. The burning of the flaming sphere that sneaked up on her doesn't help the situation in the least.

    She flies away and turn her attention on her most recent agressors. A burst of fire is harmlessly dodged by Patrin whilst Ashir takes a bolt of necrotic energy and feels weakened.

    -''Kill the damn mage!'' she orders. ''I need that sphere snuffed!''

    First to take the invitation is an imp who reappers adjacent to Ashir and almost finish him with a stab to the guts. The other imp also reappers nearby and is less lucky.

    -''****, finish him!'' Lana scream.

    The spined devil oblige, he hovers a bit higher, just out of reach of the cloud and of Raiko's and Max's sword, and throw a deadly volley of spines... but he misses. Against all odds, Ashir still stands! Then a arrow drop him like a bad habit. Oh, yeah. There is still an archer...

    Lana shouts in triumph as the sphere fades out of existence.


    Athletic (1d20+12=13)
    Awful, except a check at rules show me that a running jump is stil 2 square. A move back and then a half circle motion allows him to reach Lana.

    Standard: Covering attack (effect is wasted)
    Crouching Tigers, Jumping Dragon (1d20+12=31, 2d10+6=17)

    Acrobatics (1d10-((1d20+4)/2)=4.5) 5 damage for the fall

    Minor: Dragon Breath
    Dragon breath (1d20+9=14, 1d6+2=3)

    Free : Drop arms

    AP: Minor to pick up the halberd dropped by Gelname

    Free Basic granted by Gelname: Swing Halberd at Lana
    vs Lana (1d20+10=29, 1d10+6=14) hit

    Well, if that breath weapon had hit, he'd be a hero. After the flaming shpere damage kicks in, Lana is down to 3!

    Flies TPL
    Attack: One has to be patrin to avoid the -2
    1:Patrin 2:Ashir
    1:Patrin 2:Ashir (1d20+10=11, 2d6+4=10, 1d20+10=29, 1d8+4=5)

    Imp 1
    Tail sting (1d20+8+2=30, 1d8+3=6, 1d20+5=14) crit, damage 11, secondary fail

    Imp 2
    Tail sting (1d20+8+2=12, 1d8+3=10, 1d20+5=21) miss

    Spined Devil
    Move: Shift upward 1 sqaure
    vs ref, secondary vs Fort (1d20+9=14, 1d10=2, 1d20+9=24) miss! By 1!

    Move: TPL to have a LOS (with cover)
    Archer vs Ashir AC (1d20+9-2=21, 1d10+4=8) hit

    Stats & Status

    Lana: 3/102 marked (patrin) (3 square high)
    Spined Devil: 31/70 (3 square high, not in the shrouded area)
    Archer: 19/38
    Imp 1 (I4) : 34/40
    Imp 2: 40/40 location unknown, which is why I put him in the wall (for my convenience)

    Haruka: 28/46 [5/10] AP used
    Max: 24/32 [0/7] Ap used
    Raiko: 34/41 [1/12] AP used
    Patrin: 36/52 [5/11] Ap Used
    Sheng 21/42 [1/8] Ap used
    Ashir: -2 /26 [1/7] Ap used, weakened

    Perception 20
    HP 102; Bloodied 51
    AC 19; Fortitude 17, Reflex 19, Will 20
    OA (standard, at-will)
    +12 vs AC; 1d4+2 damage.

    Perception 17
    HP 106; Bloodied 53 ; see also true fanatic
    AC 22; Fortitude 18, Reflex 17, Will 18
    OA Halberd (standard, at-will) Weapon
    +11 vs AC; 1d10 + 5 damage, and the target is marked until the end of Gelname’s next turn.
    True Fanatic (when captain warrik drops to 0 hit points; requires a halberd, )
    Targets enemies; Close blast 2; +9 vs AC; 2d10 + 5 damage, and the target is pushed 1 square.

    Spined Devil (Spinagon)
    Perception 20; darkvision
    HP 70; Bloodied 35
    AC 20; Fortitude 18, Reflex 16, Will 16
    Resist 20 fire
    OA Claws (standard, at-will)
    +11 vs AC; 2d6+4 damage.

    Human Cultist Archer
    Perception 18
    HP 38; Bloodied 19
    AC 17; Fortitude 13, Reflex 15, Will 13
    Speed 6
    OA Longsword (If drawn, standard, at-will) Weapon
    +6 vs AC; 1d8+2 damage.

    HP 40; Bloodied 20
    AC 17; Fortitude 15, Refl ex 15, Will 15
    Resist 15 fire
    Speed 4, fly 6 (hover)
    OA Bite (standard; at-will)
    +7 vs. AC; 1d6 + 1 damage.
    Attached Files Attached Files  
    Last edited by Mal Malenkirk; Friday, 30th April, 2010 at 01:58 PM.

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    Haruka stands and looks down at the mess below. She frowns at Ashir's predicament and flicks her fingers at one of the imps, but nothing happens. She glances over at the archer and gives him a slight shrug.

    Move: Stand.
    Minor: Curse Imp in I6.
    Free: Cross fingers.
    Standard: Eyes of the Vestige the Imp in I6. Boo. That would have been absolutely hilarious if that had worked. Best thing ever. Hey Mal, do you think you could give me a +4 to hit with that attack on account of being so honest with Gelname? No? Oh well.

    Man, Patrin has been something of a buffoon this adventure. Spending entire fights dazed, attempting to mimic Gelname's graceful leap and instead smashing to the ground. It's great physical comedy.

    Haruka's mini-stats
    Haruka Sato human warlock 4
    Initiative: +3 | Passive perception: 11 | Passive Insight: 17
    AC: 18 | For: 18
    | Ref: 18 | Will: 17
    HP: 28/46 | Bloodied: 23 | Surge value: 11 | Surges: 5/10
    Resist: 5 Necrotic, 5 Poison
    Speed: 6 | Languages: Allarian, Tsugo
    AP: 0 | Second Wind: not used
    Melee Basic Attack: +4 vs AC, 1d6 damage
    Ranged Basic Attack: +7 vs Reflex, 1d10+5 damage
    Powers: Eldritch Blast, Hellish Rebuke, Eyes of the Vestige
    Vampiric Embrace
    Fiery Bolt

    Flames of Phlegethos

    Ethereal Stride

    Deathcut Armor
    Prison of Salzacas


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    Block Voda Vosa

    "Your soul is mine" The sorcerer claims, and ignites the vapours around him funnelling them to engulf Lana and the devil above her

    Burning Spray: 22 and 23 vs ref for 15 dmg

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    You roll +8 to hit and +9 to damage but I see +7 to hit and +8 to damage in my CB file (and in your wiki). Am I forgetting a conditional bonus?

    By the look of it, you've been rolling that way for a while so I guess it's about time I get up to speed!

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