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    Sorry for the delay.

    Technically, since he made his save, his turn was taken... But one of the idiosyncracies of the way I run fights is that someone under an unpleasant effect (like dazed or... say... dying) can wait at the last moment to see if he'll get help.

    I won't punish you for not being used to it. In other games where player have been with me for a long time, everybody did it. So ashir took his turn.

    Lana gasps in shocks and falls limp to floor, her corpse burning. Victory seems at end, yet the remaining forces do not relinquish. They must hold hoped that reinforcement is on its way, and why wouldn't they? Everyone remembers Mordekai...

    The imp resumes their invisibility and take some altitude.

    The Spined devil launch a volley that hits Raiko squarely and he again feels the burn of the poison.

    The archer is clumsy and miss Sheng.


    I am assuming the cloud wasn't sustained because Sheng didn't take a -5 penalty for his attack through the shroud and didn't specify he sustained. He didn't specify he sustained the round before but I just assumed he did since he just turtled up.

    charge vs Imp (1d20+12+1=15, 1d10+6=10) miss, mark (should have been +10 because he is using Halberd)

    They both turn invisible.
    They both shift up one square (3 in the air)
    Patrin gets combat challenge:
    CC vs Imp (1d20+10=25, 1d10+6=7) forgot -5 for invisible, more importantly, forgot again that after a halberd charge, he didn't end his turn adjacent and thus couldn't make that attack at at all. Halberd sucks for fighters! So no damage.

    Move: TPL
    Standard: Vs Raiko
    Rain of spine, vs ref, secondary vs Fort (1d20+9=23, 1d10=7, 1d20+9=22)

    vs Sheng (1d20+9=11, 1d10+4=14) miss


    Spined Devil: 24/70 (3 square high, not in the shrouded area)
    Archer: 19/38
    Imp 1 (I4) : 19/40
    Imp 2: 24/40

    Haruka: 28 +7 /46 [5/10] AP used
    Max: 24/32 [0/7] Ap used
    Raiko: 27 (22) /41 [1/12] AP used
    Patrin: 36/52 [5/11] Ap Used
    Sheng 21/42 [1/8] Ap used
    Ashir: 7 /26 [0/7] Ap used, weakened

    Spined Devil (Spinagon)
    Perception 20; darkvision
    HP 70; Bloodied 35
    AC 20; Fortitude 18, Reflex 16, Will 16
    Resist 20 fire
    OA Claws (standard, at-will)
    +11 vs AC; 2d6+4 damage.

    Human Cultist Archer
    Perception 18
    HP 38; Bloodied 19
    AC 17; Fortitude 13, Reflex 15, Will 13
    Speed 6
    OA Longsword (If drawn, standard, at-will) Weapon
    +6 vs AC; 1d8+2 damage.

    HP 40; Bloodied 20
    AC 17; Fortitude 15, Refl ex 15, Will 15
    Resist 15 fire
    Speed 4, fly 6 (hover)
    OA Bite (standard; at-will)
    +7 vs. AC; 1d6 + 1 damage.
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    Block dimsdale

    Max tries to hit the imp with a javelin, but misses. "Damn javelins! What are they good for anyway!"


    free: drop weapon
    minor: equip javelin
    attack: brash strike vs AC Imp at I4: 1d20+8+2 (flank) = 13 miss
    minor: pick up dropped weapon
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    You could use your minor to pick it up the dropped weapon?

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    Block dimsdale

    ooc: Max picks up weapon. Post has been edited. Thanks Renau1g.

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    Haruka moves towards the circle as she begins to summon a bolt of hellfire with which to scour the archer. However, at the last second her concentration lapses, and all she is rewarded with is burnt fingertips.

    Move: Move to G14, gain concealment.
    Minor: Curse Archer.
    Standard: Fiery Bolt the Archer. Right, moving on... I'll take 3 damage to not expend the power.

    Haruka's mini-stats
    Haruka Sato human warlock 4
    Initiative: +3 | Passive perception: 11 | Passive Insight: 17
    AC: 18 | For: 18
    | Ref: 18 | Will: 17
    HP: 28/46+4 | Bloodied: 23 | Surge value: 11 | Surges: 5/10
    Resist: 5 Necrotic, 5 Poison
    Speed: 6 | Languages: Allarian, Tsugo
    AP: 0 | Second Wind: not used
    Melee Basic Attack: +4 vs AC, 1d6 damage
    Ranged Basic Attack: +7 vs Reflex, 1d10+5 damage
    Powers: Eldritch Blast, Hellish Rebuke, Eyes of the Vestige
    Vampiric Embrace
    Fiery Bolt

    Flames of Phlegethos

    Ethereal Stride

    Deathcut Armor
    Prison of Salzacas



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    Ashir's prone correct? Also, is the weakness still affecting him?

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    Raiko launches his sword toward one of the imps loosing a huge amount of enemies. He finds himself coming up short, his ally trapped on the other side of the action.

    "Finish that off will ya Patrin?" Raiko says, seeing the enemy forces dwindling.


    Takes 5 poison damage
    Standard: Paladins Judgement on Imp 2. 23 vs AC, 23 damage. Just one shy of killing him. Sheng can spend a healing surge.
    Minor: Divine Challenge on Spiny Devil

    Saving Throw Failed

    Stat Block
    Raiko, Male Dragonborn Paladin 1 (ongoing 5 poison and slowed (save ends))
    Init: +1; P.Insight: 20; P.Perception: 14
    AC: 21; Fort: 16; Reflex: 14; Will: 15
    HP: 22/41; Surges: 12 hp, 1/12
    AcP: 1
    AdP: 0
    Potions: 2

    Magic Oil: +1 to hit and dame with bastard sword attacks.

    Skills: History +7, Insight +10, Intimidate +9, Religion +5
    Languages: Common, Draconic
    Str: 18, Con: 15, Dex: 10, Int: 8, Wis: 16, Cha: 12

    Sling Bullets: 20/20

    Divine Challenge, Holy Strike, Valiant Strike, Lay on Hands (0/3 per day)
    Dragon Breath, Piercing Smite, Virtue, Second Wind, Chanel Divinity (Divine Mettle/Divine Strength)
    Paladin's Judgement

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    Sheng takes a controlled breath and moves about his place, and produce the skull of green gas, which floats towards the archer attempting to kill him. The man is tormented by a horrible awake nightmare in which his flesh melts away, leaving just his bones standing in place. Finally, the man overcomes the illusion and shakes it off, however it took it’s toll on him, although he doesn’t give any sign of that.
    Spend a healing surge and regain 10 hp, then Chaos bolt on archer, hits for 13 dmg
    Roll Lookup

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    Quote Originally Posted by renau1g View Post

    Ashir's prone correct? Also, is the weakness still affecting him?

    Just waiting for this to be resolved.

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    Actually, Ashir was still weakneed on his last attack. Now he is not. Easy enough to retcon since it is just damage.

    And no, he is not prone because he stood up on last action (post 1st May, 7PM).

    Imp 2 had 32/40 instead of 24/40 at the start of this turn. With Raiko's attack, he is down to 9.

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