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    Ashir opens his tome up again and disappears from sight, reappearing at Raiko's side. He quickly throws his hands in an arc and a blast of thunder explodes outwards. It smashes into the imp that Raiko had slashed and it is splattered against the wall.


    Move: Fey Step to H5
    Standard: Thunderwave - vs fort (Imp1, Imp2); thunder damage (1d20+6=14, 1d20+6=16, 1d6+9+1d8=14) Hits Imp 2 for 14 thunder damage, that kills it right?
    Minor: n/a

    L4W Ashir

    Init: +1 Speed: 6 Perception:13 Insight: 13
    AC: 18 NAD:16/15/15
    HP: 7/26 Surges: 0/7 Surge Value: 6 AP: 0
    Languages: Common, Primordial
    Str:18 Dex:10 Wis:14 Con:12 Int:18 Cha:8

    Scorching Burst
    Burning Hands
    Chill Strike
    Promise of Storms
    Second Wind
    Tome of Readiness
    Moonstride (Shield)
    Fey Step (from Tome)
    Flaming Sphere
    Rolling Thunder

    Full Character Sheet

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    How do you spend that healing surge?

    Raiko and Ashir
    Don't forget the -5 when the Imp are in invisible mode. Still a hit.

    I have been slow
    Between hockey playoffs and a gruelling series of interview for a new position in the company, I haven't had as much time.

    The Imp reappears after circling around Ashir and attempts to avenge his fallen little buddy but misses the wizard. The archer follows suit with a clumsy shot at Sheng and the Spined devil charges Raiko but is blocked.


    Move: TPL
    Villain's menace vs Spined Devil (1d20+10=19, 2d10+6=21). Miss. Eh. Should have just charged.

    vs Ashir AC then For (1d20+8+2=14, 1d8+3=6, 1d20+5=20)

    vs Sheng AC (1d20+9=14, 1d10+4=13)

    Spined Devil
    vs Raiko (1d20+11=15, 2d6+4=14)

    Wow. These are the rolls of monsters who are tired of life.


    Spined Devil: 24/70 (3 square high, not in the shrouded area)
    Archer: 6/38
    Imp 1 (I4) : 19/40
    Imp 2: Dead/40

    Haruka: 28 +7 /46 [5/10] AP used
    Max: 24/32 [0/7] Ap used
    Raiko: 22 (17) /41 [1/12] AP used, poisoned and slowed (save ends)
    Patrin: 36/52 [5/11] Ap Used
    Sheng 21/42 [1/8] Ap used
    Ashir: 7 /26 [0/7] Ap used, weakened

    Spined Devil (Spinagon)
    Perception 20; darkvision
    HP 70; Bloodied 35
    AC 20; Fortitude 18, Reflex 16, Will 16
    Resist 20 fire
    OA Claws (standard, at-will)
    +11 vs AC; 2d6+4 damage.

    Human Cultist Archer
    Perception 18
    HP 38; Bloodied 19
    AC 17; Fortitude 13, Reflex 15, Will 13
    Speed 6
    OA Longsword (If drawn, standard, at-will) Weapon
    +6 vs AC; 1d8+2 damage.

    HP 40; Bloodied 20
    AC 17; Fortitude 15, Refl ex 15, Will 15
    Resist 15 fire
    Speed 4, fly 6 (hover)
    OA Bite (standard; at-will)
    +7 vs. AC; 1d6 + 1 damage.
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    Ashir tries to finish off the remaining imp, but like his enemies, his attack is nowhere near effective. He steps out of the corner.


    *FWIW blasts aren't affected by the invisibility, only ranged and melee attacks. Can't wait for tonight's game, with Vancouver down 3-1, the Habs are in the best position for the Canadian teams.

    Total Concealment (-5 Penalty to Attack Rolls): You cant see the target. The target is invisible, in a totally obscured square, or in a heavily obscured square and not adjacent to you.

    Melee Attacks and Ranged Attacks Only: Attack penalties from concealment apply only to the targets of melee or ranged attacks

    Standard: Thunderwave - vs fort; thunder (1d20+6=9, 1d6+9=10) miss remaining Imp (Apparently Ashir is tired of living too )
    Move: Shift to I5
    Minor: n/a

    L4W Ashir

    Init: +1 Speed: 6 Perception:13 Insight: 13
    AC: 18 NAD:16/15/15
    HP: 7/26 Surges: 0/7 Surge Value: 6 AP: 0
    Languages: Common, Primordial
    Str:18 Dex:10 Wis:14 Con:12 Int:18 Cha:8

    Scorching Burst
    Burning Hands
    Chill Strike
    Promise of Storms
    Second Wind
    Tome of Readiness
    Moonstride (Shield)
    Fey Step (from Tome)
    Flaming Sphere
    Rolling Thunder

    Full Character Sheet

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    The poison continues to course through Raiko's body burning his veins. With victory in sight though he can't stand to let up. He slashes again at the devil, not wasting the opportunity of having it so near. It's a keen hit and soon of of two would fall.


    Since the spined devil charged me I assume he's in melee range and not 3 squares up.

    Raiko takes 5 poison damage.
    Holy Strike vs Spined Devil. 24 vs AC, 15 damage.
    That will sustain his mark.
    Divine Challenge on remaining Imp.
    Save Fail

    Stat Block
    Raiko, Male Dragonborn Paladin 1 (ongoing 5 poison and slowed (save ends))
    Init: +1; P.Insight: 20; P.Perception: 14
    AC: 21; Fort: 16; Reflex: 14; Will: 15
    HP: 17/41; Surges: 12 hp, 1/12
    AcP: 1
    AdP: 0
    Potions: 2

    Magic Oil: +1 to hit and dame with bastard sword attacks.

    Skills: History +7, Insight +10, Intimidate +9, Religion +5
    Languages: Common, Draconic
    Str: 18, Con: 15, Dex: 10, Int: 8, Wis: 16, Cha: 12

    Sling Bullets: 20/20

    Divine Challenge, Holy Strike, Valiant Strike, Lay on Hands (0/3 per day)
    Dragon Breath, Piercing Smite, Virtue, Second Wind, Chanel Divinity (Divine Mettle/Divine Strength)
    Paladin's Judgement

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    Seeing the trouble Ashir is in, Haruka strides across the walkways towards him and places her hand against the wall. Her trailing shadows run down her arm and flow along the surface of the wall until they come in line with the imp. At that point, inky tendrils lash out from the stone and strangle the life out of the minuscule devil. As the creature dies, Haruka's eyes roll back in their sockets and she smiles calmly.

    "That's a new one. What an... interesting flavor."

    Move: Move to J11, retain concealment.
    Minor: Curse Imp.
    Standard: Vampiric Embrace the Imp. Hits Will 18 for 14 necrotic damage and 6 untyped. Haruka gains 8 thp from Vampiric Embrace, and the Imp dies.

    Haruka's mini-stats
    Haruka Sato human warlock 4
    Initiative: +3 | Passive perception: 11 | Passive Insight: 17
    AC: 18 | For: 18
    | Ref: 18 | Will: 17
    HP: 28/46+8 | Bloodied: 23 | Surge value: 11 | Surges: 5/10
    Resist: 5 Necrotic, 5 Poison
    Speed: 6 | Languages: Allarian, Tsugo
    AP: 0 | Second Wind: not used
    Melee Basic Attack: +4 vs AC, 1d6 damage
    Ranged Basic Attack: +7 vs Reflex, 1d10+5 damage
    Powers: Eldritch Blast, Hellish Rebuke, Eyes of the Vestige
    Vampiric Embrace
    Fiery Bolt

    Flames of Phlegethos

    Ethereal Stride

    Deathcut Armor
    Prison of Salzacas


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    Yeah, I know concelament doesn't apply to blast. I was only really adressing Raiko and forgot to remove Ashir from the header when I realized it was a blast. Otherwise I would have said that Ashir missed if a -5 was not accounted for.

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    I'm assuming that the devil is not out of reach due to the attack on Raiko, as mentioned Scorp's last post

    Max shifts to a more advantages position to hit the devil. He swings his sword in a chopping motion at the devil's wing, scoring a minor hit. The devil turns and lashes his claws at Max, but Max ducks at the last second. "Now Patrin! Hit him!" Patrin, inspired by the warlord, roars as his swipes his weapon at the devil, connecting with a solid hit. The devil shrieks in pain.


    minor: none
    movement: shift to G2
    attack: 1d20+9+2 (flank) vs AC: 23 1d8+5 = 9

    devil's counter attack: 1d20+11+2=14 ha ha! fumble!

    Patrin: 1d20+11+2 (flank) +1 (lend might) = 28 for 1d10+6 = 10

    total: 19 damage on devil

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    Sheng focuses in his next target, the archer. What remains of the green mist is concentrated in a single point, producing a drop of acid, that the monk saps at the man. He attemtps to cover, and the acid orb hits him in the forearm. Smiling, the archer prepares to shoot an arrow in Sheng's throat, but when he raises his arm, the acid has already started working, and the weight of the bow causes the extermity to severe thanks to the silent corosive effect. Blood purs from the wound, and soon the eyes of the man go white and he falls to the ground dying.


    Sheng spends a healing surge thanks to Raiko's actions here
    Acid orb vs archer, hits for 11 damage killing him.

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    Game Over man...
    Looks like that's it for the bad guys. Everybody's dead.

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    ooc: Well, in that case...

    Haruka shoots Ashir a wide grin before turning around and heading back to the circle. She crouches over it, trying to determine how it can be used.

    ooc: If necessary, Arcana ...well, let's just hope it wasn't necessary (12).

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