4E Trapped in Hell's Basement (DM: Mal Malenkirk Judge:Covaithe) - Page 47
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mal Malenkirk View Post

    Since the last award, I counted:

    4 Human Mercenary (The elite guards) (600xp)
    2 Dwarven bolter (350xp)
    1 Warforged soldier (175xp)
    1 Human Wizard (175xp)
    1 Iron Martyr (The archivist) (175xp)
    1 Blaster Turret trap (150xp)
    1 skill challenge (875xp)
    (Complexity 3, +2 for fire hazard, level 4, medium skill checks)
    2 Imp (300xp)
    1 Siolim, Beholder Gauth (Lana) (400xp)
    1 Captain Warrik (Gelname) (350xp)
    1 Spined Devil (300xp)
    2 Human Cultis archers (300xp)
    Quest: Escape 600xp

    Total: 4700xp

    ( 4700 * 2 ) / 6 = 1567 each

    I used the names of the creature as you can find them in DDI. Yes, That means Lana was a reskinned beholder!

    Time XP: 47 days

    47/365 * 1250 = 161xp
    47/365 * 1750 = 225xp

    Sheng and Haruka: 1792xp
    Everybody else: 1728xp
    Approved, though I do note that you are still owed time gold. I assume Mal has plans to roll that in with the other treasure that is still forthcoming, though.

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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beWKml7IlPA]YouTube - Bruins v Canadiens, Centre Bell 3 April 2007[/ame]

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    Yes, I am still in shock. Defeating the number 1 seed of the league and then the defending Stanley Cup champions... in game 7 both time... As a fan you always want to believe you team has a shot but this is just extraordinary!

    The team spirit of these guys shows through the screen. Halak is not only super solid, he gives confidence to his entire team. Cammalleri has scored more goals so far in these playoffs then Crosby and Malkin combined! Gionta and Gomez maybe smurfs but they are both close to 1 point per game. Playoffs Warriors! Gorges seemingly would rather die than fail to clear out the puck from his zone. The number of time where he accepted a powerful check just so he could complete his play is incredible (so is the fact that he can still skate; the guy is made of rubber!). Gill is almost a second goalie. PK Subban is incredible!

    The list goes on! Moore, Moen, Lapierre, Spacek... Even poor O'Byrne who was a healthy scratch is playing excellent hockey and is just a victim of the whole team being clutch at the same time.

    Go Habs Go! (But don't get overconfident when meeting either the Bruins or the Flyers; these are also valiant teams in their own right that deserve more respect than Washington or Pitsburgh afforded us.)

    All right, epilogue coming up this evening when I am back from work.
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    Darn you Malenkirk! Stop watching hockey and give me some treasure!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScorpiusRisk View Post
    Darn you Malenkirk! Stop watching hockey and give me some treasure!


    lol! I agree!.

    uh...I'm for the blackhawks Goooo Chicago

    please don't deduct any treasure from Max

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    Hmmm...we have Scorpius from Boston, dimsdale from Chicago-ish, Mal from Montreal... if we had someone from San Jose area that might be the final four ... that'd be funny

    THB... you from Cali?

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    That's eerie.
    Quote Originally Posted by renau1g View Post
    THB... you from Cali?

    Um, yes actually. I'm from Berkeley. I don't live there now, but it's where I grew up.

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    Wow...it's like the four horsemen of the apocalypse....

    Oh, THB, once the epilogue happens, Haruka and Ashir can discuss some things ...

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    -''Hurry! Do your magic stuff.'' urges Patrin as he watches the preparation to the rituals.

    Once Sheng, Ashir and Haruka are ready, everyone join in the circle and is instructed to hold hands with Ashir who has been designated as the ritual leader.

    He starts reciting the arcane instructions just as enemies barge in the temple lead by the towering bearded devil Mordekai. They are stunned for a moment as they behold the carnage and the dead bodies of their leaders. But Mordekai isn't one for contemplation. One look at the egressing heroes and he charges up the stairs.

    -''Now, now, NOW!'' shouts Patrin.

    A blueish light wraps around the heroes and the room disappears. Suddenly they are floating while the light around them flashes, giving the impressing great speed without actually feeling like their moving.

    Then the colours start to change, becoming ruby red.

    -''That good?'' asks Patrin worriedly.

    No it is not! Ruby Red is the color of Gehenna. They are headed straight for the intended destination of the portal; some Pit Fiend lair!

    Ashir, Haruka and Sheng bends their will toward the sigils drawn by Haruka that are meant to lead them back to Daunton, trying to pull the group away from Asmodeus' domain. But they are failing! Gehenna is calling like gravity and the efforts of the heroes are just not enough. The light is clearing and a spatious manor is materializing. The room is classy, with columns, impossibly smooth walls and a high domed ceiling. It would be a pleasant sight if not for the large Asmodeus Portrait on the wall and the half dozen powerful devils seated and discussing intensely. Their eyes immediately turn on the heroes, the light is about to clear and...

    -''Not Strong enough, little girl?'' comes a mocking voice in Haruka's head. Her patron! ''Gimme some juice and I'll pull you out of the fire...''

    No time to negotiate, no time to think, Haruka opens herself to her patron as the only alternative to landing in the paws of one of Asmodeus' lieutenant. She feels her life force drain away so quickly she fears for her life. A sadistic laugh echoes in her mind. The companions are again bathed in light, Ruby Red at first and quickly turning a sick shade of swirling dark purple. Tartarus. They are headed for Tartarus!

    ...and into the frying pan!''

    The laughter is maniacal and gets louder and louder in the warlock's mind until suddenly everyone hears it, causing shock and concerns amongst the other five adventurer.

    -''This is opportune.'' says a rich but strangely flat voice, ringing in everyone's head.

    The color changes again, turning emerald green. Arcadia.

    -''What? Who are you? No... YOU!? You are not even truly alive anymore! You can't take her, she is mine!''

    -''It is true that on our last meeting I was killed. But you were defeated. And so I shall win again.''

    Haruka faints at this point. Her Patron still pulls toward the Abyss while the mysterious entity is pulling toward Arcadia. The warlock is drifting away from the circle. Ashir, Raiko and Max all reach toward their fallen comrade. Patrin is away from them, next to Sheng. For a moment, the competing forces cancel each other and Sheng seizes the opportunity. He focuses his will on the initial sigil designed by Ashir and suddenly the tangible world crashes back into existence.

    Sheng looks around, bewildered. He is in Daunton, standing in a worn teleportation circle located in the back street of the Hanged Man's inn, the circle that was the focus of the ritual. He looks around and sees no one except Patrin who is still hanging to Sheng for dear life.

    -''What was that? Where are the others?'' Patrin shouts.

    Good question. Most likely answer: In Arcadia or in Tartarus.

    I finally opted out of making this some kind of skill test. If you don't want the epilogue to be randomly determined, keep dice out of it!

    The Price Paid by Haruka
    Life force, basically. If this had been a skill test, I was initially thinking of having her sacrifice healing surge for bonuses. As I said, I opted out of making it a skill check so just assume she is a bit drained, has severe headaches and possibly feels more vulnerable to her patron's influence. It's all RP though. Actual mechanical penalties would be unfair.

    PS: Sorry for the fact I made some assumption about Haruka's behavior (namely, accepting the offer of her patron). I hope it wasn't too egregiously out of character. I thought it was a nice development but it can be edited differently.

    Behind the scene rewards

    Some back and forth bewteen Sheng and Patrin may occur, but eventually Patrin Calm's down and Rewards Sheng while bemoaning the loss of the other valiant heroes who are probably gone forever.

    Sheng: he earned a total of 2857xp during the adventure. He started at 2849xp, ended at 5706xp

    That means he did:

    60% of level 3
    100% of level 4
    10% of level 5

    Recommended loot for

    level 3 = 1524 gp
    level 4 = 2100 gp
    level 5 = 2796 gp

    After multiplying by the percentage of level completed:

    0.6 * 1524 = 915
    1.0 * 2100 = 2100
    0.1 * 2796 = 280

    total: 3295 gp


    +1 Blood Thread clothing (worth 1000gp)
    Gloves of Piercing (680gp)
    +1 Cloak of Distortion (840gp)

    and 775gp in cold hard gold.

    For clarity: forget about time XP. The way I did this includes all consideration. This is how much gold you are supposed to have amass if you have performed 2857xp worth of adventuring (which included time XP).
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    Very neat. What will happen next?

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