mount for a large sized creature

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    mount for a large sized creature

    ok here's the deal i have a player playing a minotaur paladin, yes i have given him permission and it fits into his back story... but well when he reaches the level he can get a mount what would he be able to use only things i can find have a cr much to high any suggestions, and please let me know which book to find them in


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    Suggestion: Just give him a giant horse.

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    I recalled a table in the DMG for higher leveled mounts (works like a druid getting better animal companions), but a google search was easier than going to the books.
    Mount options. D&D 3.5 - Giant in the Playground Forums

    "Okay. Found it. Page 204.

    Level 6: Celestial Heavy Warhorse, Dire Wolf, Hippogriff, Large Monstrous Spider, Large Shark, Unicorn, Celestial Warpony, Dire Bat, Dire Badger, Dire Weasel, Giant Lizard

    Level 7: Dire Boar, Dire Wolverine, Giant Eagle, Giant Owl, Pegasus, Rhinoceros, Sea Cat

    Level 8: Dire Lion, Griffon"

    Side note: Some creatures introduced in the "Races of" books as well as animals in Sandstorm, Stormwrack, and Frostburn were given animal companion equivalent levels and added to that list, I forget if they made them available as paladin mounts, too.
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    The DMG gives a guideline for picking appropriate other creatures based on the CR of the mount. I forget what the guideline IS off the top of my head, and I don't have my books handy. Whatever it is, note that it is a guideline, not a rule. Compare it to existing options. Most huge creatures will be CR 7+, so you're probably looking at Paladin level 9+, regardless. I "believe" the guideline is CR = paladin level - 2.

    Huge or Advanced to Huge:

    Dire Bear, Advanced (17 HD): CR 9
    Dire Lion, Advanced (17 HD): CR 9
    Megaraptor, Advanced (17 HD): CR 10
    Triceratops: CR 9
    Tyrannosaurus: CR 8
    Elephant: CR 7
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    Easiest way would make a Saddle of Embiggening magic item that works stat wise like a continual enlarge person item*. There might be an equivalent item in MIC .

    *Only functioning when the rider mounts might reduce the battlefield clutter inherit to having a huge mount around.

    Dungeonscape had some a useful and flavorful paladin mount swap out ability.

    Dungeonscape Excerpts

    PHBII also had a swap out ability for the paladin's mount that doubled charging damage.


    As suggested by another poster, a Chariot pulled by the bonded mount might be an alright choice since the 3.5 minotaur is not THAT heavy,.
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