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    Sapiento's Cartography Area


    I am a freelance artist making all kind of maps and other things. If you need a map for your game, just PM me to talk about the details.

    To give you an idea what I do, here are some examples. Click on the images to get a larger version.

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    Nice. I like the variant North America. Would love to hear the story behind that one

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    The idea for the map came actually from another map (first one below) I did for a map challenge at
    This map was some kind of successor. The civilization collapsed and thousand and more years later it is again on a medieval/renaissance level. This was possibly only after the orbital combat satellites ran low on fuel in their reactors - they had beamed down any sign of technology for hundreds of years.
    But there are still areas with ancient technology, where robots and old drones roam the landscape. Many areas are forbidden, they have been no-go zones because of radioactivity. Even if they are more or less clean now, mutant animals, plants and people live there and you better don't go there without an army as support.
    The main political power is the Empire of Texarado. It has some vassals and allies. Most states follow the Church of Redemptive Unity.
    Sometimes there is contact with Yurop or Asha by merchant ships, even Stralia is visited now more frequently.

    I made also another map, the Duchy of Lando (second one). Use the links to see the large version.

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    Very nice. I've often thought about running a fantasy campaign set in familiar geography. This gives me inspiration.

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    It's always nice to inspire someone! :-)

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    Two of my recent maps:

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    Done for Tavern Games

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    A very interesting job, done for Chronicles of Sound , a project that mixes music and stories.

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    New styles

    I'm working on new styles, here are two results:

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    Keld Amon

    Commissioned city map.

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