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    Hi all, I will be attending a conference from Sunday to Wednesday and be unavailable to post in all likelihood.

    Please NPC me if needed.

    My apologies to my players, this last few weeks I've been quite slow posting in the games. Traditionally the Oct-Dec period is very busy at work, and then we lost two people out of six in the last 3 months, so now we're doing more with less (which means lots of unpaid overtime). I've not had the time to keep up as I normally do. It's probably going to be somewhat slow for at least the next couple months (until Christmas), but I am going to try and be better in the games.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Someone View Post
    I've just done that for the land ho! adventure. The post can be found here. A judge only has to have a look at it, check that I can punch keys in my calculator in the right order, and approve the rewards.
    Done like dinner. I didn't realize there was only time XP/gold to be rewarded, otherwise I would've stepped in sooner - sorry.

    Your characters are free. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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    I'm on travel all week. NPC if I'm holding things up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stonegod View Post
    I'm on travel all week. NPC if I'm holding things up.
    Turns out it was a good week to travel. The site was down for what, like 4 days?

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    Yeah, something like that. We're still experiencing glitches here and there (like getting 404 errors on all attached pictures...), but the site is much faster now.

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    Also, the link in CFW's status doesn't work anymore and a pale girl with black hair continually crawls out of my monitor as I view the site.


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    Hello all, I have a rules question as I've been told conflicting information on a subject. It directly affects my current hybrid character ( Merri ), but I suspect it might affect not only my future characters, but others as well.

    Here's the meat of it: I thought that if you had an implement training (in this case ki focus due to the hybrid class) the implements benefited all attacks of the character.

    As @Someone pointed out, it does not specify such in the rules he reviewed. (Thanks for your time and effort btw Someone).

    I'm okay with whatever the rules are, it just seems like that interpretation hinders characters with both weapon and implement attacks. Like hybrids or clerics (some of their powers specifically say weapon and not implement and vice versa) or artificers (same as clerics).

    So I thought I would put it to the forum to discuss. Appreciate the input in advance.


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    I'm not sure I completely understand the question, but here is the relevant rules.

    Ki Focuses

    A ki focus is an implement that certain characters use as a focus for their inner magical energy, known as ki. A ki focus might take the form of a training manual, a scroll of ancient secrets, a blunt training weapon, or a cherished memento.
    Attunement: Before you can use a ki focus, you must attune yourself to it. To attune yourself to a ki focus, you must have the item on your person during a short or an extended rest and must have proficiency with ki focuses. Some characters study their ki focus to attune themselves to it. Others meditate with it or wield it as they practice fighting techniques. The ki focus that you are attuned to occupies your ki focus item slot.
    Whenever you take a rest, you can attune yourself to a ki focus in your possession, but you can be attuned to only one ki focus at a time. Also, only one creature at a time can be attuned to a particular ki focus. Once you attune yourself to a ki focus, no one else can be attuned to it until you are no longer attuned to it or you are dead.
    Using a Ki Focus: Once you have attuned yourself to a ki focus, you must either wear it or hold it in order to use it as an implement.
    Ki Focuses and Weapon Attacks: If you use a magic ki focus, you can add its enhancement bonus to the attack rolls and the damage rolls of weapon attacks you make using a weapon with which you have proficiency. If you have both a magic ki focus and a magic weapon, you choose before you use an attack power whether to draw on the magic of the ki focus or that of the weapon. Your choice determines which enhancement bonus, critical hit effects, and magic item properties and powers you can apply to that power. You can’t, for example, use the enhancement bonus of your ki focus and the critical hit effect of your magic weapon on the same attack.

    EDIT: So I think I might understand what Someone is getting at. But here is the way I see it.
    As a hybrid character, you gain proficiency with implements of both classes and can use them with implement powers of both classes.

    Now, it's true, that it doesn't say anything about using an implement with a weapon power of another class, but I don't think it has to. Look at the last paragraph of the ki focus rules.

    "If you use a magic ki focus..." You can use one, because you are proficient with them and can attune yourself to one.

    "...you can add its enhancement bonus to the attack rolls and the damage rolls of weapon attacks you make using a weapon with which you have proficiency." Nothing here or in the hybrid rules limits that interaction to weapon attacks of a specific class.

    Bottom line is ki foci are a special case of implement with unique interactions with weapons.
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    That answered it perfectly, thanks SoM!

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    Ah, I didn't remember at the time of making the review that particular clause about ki focuses (that allows the enhancement bonus to work with weapon attacks) and thought they were like any other implement. No objection to FourMonos' character, then.

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