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    Just emailed the L4E Judges with my leveled-up character. Thanks!

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    Ram Tiger has been received.

    I hit updates, both last night and this morning. This has delayed the updates already delayed by surgery. HEads up.

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    As a potential new player, the campaign information on the main wiki is poorly arranged, making it a difficult chore to get information on the campaign setting.

    That complaint asside, I do have a question:

    Q) What are the limits of reflavouring classes, are classes expected to be presented at face value, e.g. a Wizard is a wizard not a "Geomancer" or whatever you can bend it too, or is reflavouring classes to a degree acceptable?

    I assume if reflavouring was acceptable, the idea would have to be discussed first, probably here?

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    First of all, welcome to L4W.

    People have reflavored warforged into sentient trees, living rock, and infernal constructs, so doing the same with classes sounds alright.

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    That's great to know, thanks.

    I like the divine classes but rarely like deities, so I often reflavour divine classes to be something else.

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    Hey, I have a question regarding critting, and how damage is calculated. I was under the impression that when you crit, only the [W] or spell damage dice were maximized, any additional dice you have from Hunters Quarry, Sneak attack, etc and any extra dice based on weapon pluses were all rolled for. Recently I was told that it was changed so that ALL damage dice are maxed, and only the extra dice were rolled for. Which is correct?

    Example time:
    Bob, the rogue, has a +1 dagger (gives +1d6 on crit), and swings for 1d4+5 damage normally, and +2d6 sneak attack.

    Option one: CRIT with combat advantage: D4 maxed, and he then rolls 1d6 for weapon and 2 d6 for SA, for a total of 9 +3d6 damage.
    Option two: CRIT with combat advantage: D4 and 2D6 maxed, and then he rolls 1d6 for the weapon, for a total of 21 +1d6.


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    Option 2. Page 278 of the PHB states that you only roll the dice you get from critting. Everything else is maxed.

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    From the compendium:

    Quote Originally Posted by Critical Hit
    Maximum Damage: Rather than roll damage, determine the maximum damage you can roll with your attack. This is your critical damage. (Attacks that don’t deal damage still don’t deal damage on a critical hit.)

    Extra Damage: Magic weapons and implements, as well as high crit weapons, can increase the damage you deal when you score a critical hit. If this extra damage is a die roll, it’s not automatically maximum damage; you add the result of the roll.
    Maximum damage state you max the damage from your attack. The Sneak/Quarry is damage part of this attack, so it maxed.

    The only thing that is rolled, is extra damage dices on critical, as told in the second paragraph, it is the extra critical damage given by the weapon, magical items, feat, etc... So you roll only the dice that would only apply on a critical hit. Any die that apply also on an hit will be maxed.

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    Wow, I've cheated myself on every crit I've rolled in 4e....

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    It was amazingly unclear from the beginning and there were vigorous debates back and forth on which was the correct method for at least a year, so don't think poorly of yourself. I also did not maximize anything other than the main damage until it was finally clarified.

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