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    Maximized what? You are not able to make a single critical roll as far as I have seen Just kidding.
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    This isn't related to anything, but the combat happening in the adventure I'm running is going exactly how I hoped it would go - battling the rerising dead on a bridge being torn apart by a roaring river, four or five small, intense battles happening all over the map, PCs sacrificing themselves (and their actions) to keep the NPCs they are escorting safe, lucky criticals destroying hulking zombies in one hit... this is what 4e is all about!

    Also, I've been damn impressed by the party's ability to hold off the undead raven swarms that they know are the worst threat (from a previous battle) - 2 swarms have gotten a total of one standard attack off in 2 turns. Hats off to the party in general (should any of you read this), and pacdidj and Mewness in particular for managing those raven swarms.

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    Regarding Iron Sky's bridge fight--I think the players are also being very good about sharing out the actions it takes to move the noncombatants around. And I laughed when the beast that I knocked into the drink on round 1 finally crawled back onto dry land
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    Heads up people. I've been having the worst luck getting onto the site within the last week.

    Now that I have a bit more time I'm gonna try and catch up. The sites acting slow, but Ive come this far.
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    Any games on the horizon for level 2 characters?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Otakkun View Post
    Any games
    this is the real question

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    I think that there may enough characters around for a complete first level party as well as a second level party. There are also a few higher level characters hanging around the Tavern as well. It's looking pretty grim on the adventuring front.

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    I know this has been probably asked before, but what map program does everyone use? Also is there anything that can print out fullscale maps for miniatures?

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    I use Maptools (as most of the DM's appear to use) - RPTools - Launch

    Some use Virtual Battlemap (currently down, does this sometimes) - http://virtualbattlemat.com/

    I've seen a few who use excel as well.

    I'm unaware of anything that can print out largescale maps though, but I've never tried it.

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    If I wasn't so busy, I'd run another adventure. Maybe in a week when I have some time off...

    My roommate is thinking of running one too, so might be a couple adventures starting up in the next couple weeks.

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