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    OK, I'll approve of it just make sure you get Xp right

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    A question for the rules-savvy folks.

    Mercurial Mind, a boon in Dungeon 177 and the character builder, has "Trigger: You hit an enemy with an unaugmented at-will attack power." It has the Psionic keyword, if that's important. Could my rogue meet said item's trigger by using an at-will rogue attack power such as Piercing Strike? It's unaugmented, to be sure, but that's only because it can't be augmented at all. I think the text is suggesting that only an augmentable power can be used, but that's not exactly what it says.

    In any case, my rogue wanted this item for its property effect; the power is just a bonus.

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    PHB3 pg 216, a power needs to be augmentable to be unaugmented.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilbob View Post
    Does this seem correct?
    Just bumping my question. If I don't hear anything I'll assume it's all good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilbob View Post
    So I'm thinking of retiring Empathy, mostly because playing a psychic character is extremely boring. I'm sure having an average roll of about 7 didn't help much, but having basically 2 options for every battle just gets old. (Then again, maybe I'm just tired of level 1 characters.) Also, the RP direction I took the character in didn't really go anywhere.

    In any case, I wanted to double-check the retirement rules. My plan is to sack her and give a boost to my other character, Mervin, since he is perpetually 2 levels behind in every adventure he has participated in, and I'm not really interested in making a 2nd PC again right now.

    Empathy just received 1696 XP, taking her to level 2. My understanding is that I can retire her and then divide that total in half for 848 XP, and then spend it on my other character, which would ding level 4 for him. Then, I can gain some sort of time gold, and this is rather confusing, but... I think he'd have 848 / 145 (level 4) = 5.85 months of time gold, which translates into 175 (level 4) x either 5, or 5.8, or maybe 6, I'm not sure, for a total of somewhere between 875 g and 1050 g.

    Does this seem correct? And would it be ok to round up for time gold, or does it need to round down?
    Here's the discussion


    You receive the rounded down time gold amount so if you apply it to your PC who is currently level 3 you'd receive 848/125 = 6.6 but rounded down = 6 months of time gold x 127 gp = 762.

    This assumes he's level 3 for the whole amount of it and just reaches level 4 with the xp bump.

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    Ok so you don't take the new level into account for time gold, just the existing level? I definitely did not get that.

    And no - only 390 XP is needed to level of the 848. So I'll be 458 into level 4.

    So wait - you're saying I'd get time gold for 390 XP at level 3 and 458 at level 4? Oh jees - I like math and even I think this is getting complicated.

    So 390/125 = 3 months (rounded down) at 127 g / mo = 381 gold, plus 458/145 = 3 months (rounded down) at 175 g / mo = 525, which totaled is 381+525 = 906 gold. So my final boost would be 848 XP and 906 gold?

    Ok, so there has got to be a better way. If we're really concerned with people gaining unfair amounts of cash then this is a way to be very precise, but I'd say otherwise just do something simple and forget about it. The entire reward system we have is so loose anyway (since it's all based on whatever your current DM decides) that +/- a bit of gold doesn't seem like it could possibly make a difference.

    Then again, this situation clearly doesn't come up very often so it may not be worth the effort to hash out something new just for a few exceptions.

    Maybe it's time to propose a parcel system like LEB? It's certainly a whole lot less paperwork.

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    I was wondering: The Wiki has no entry on the fluff origins of Revenants. Are they permitted in play, and if so, is there any pre-established fluff for me to look at regarding them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theroc View Post
    I was wondering: The Wiki has no entry on the fluff origins of Revenants. Are they permitted in play, and if so, is there any pre-established fluff for me to look at regarding them?
    I had the same doubt a couple weeks ago. It Wizards published it, it's accepted as long it's not specifically banned. You can and are encouraged to make the fluff for you own character, according to the guidelines you can find in the character creation post.

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    I'm pretty sure I've seen at least one revenant character so I am almost positive they aren't banned.

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    They aren't banned, actually I'm not sure if anything is banned...

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