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  • Review of Blackdirge’s Bargain Template: Brutish Looking for a way of turning even a kobold into a bloodthirsty brute worthy of respect? Then check out this review of the Brutish Template from Blackdirge Publishing!
  • COMBAT ADVANTAGE Updates A few updates from Emerald Press:
    • The second episode of CA Live is up and running with an hour-long interview with Chris Dias from DiasExMachina talking about the upcoming Amethyst 4e setting, building sci-fi rules for 4e, Neurospasta, and more. It's available from the EN World Store at no charge.
    • Not everything we produce for CA makes it into print - that's where CA+ comes in. Available exclusively from the Combat Advantange website, this month's bonus content for CA15 includes 2 NPCs able and willing to challenge your PCs. And just like regular CA, CA+ is free to download.
    • We're looking for submissions for our July/August issue and decided to put out an open call to the gaming world. Psionics is the theme and we're looking for optional material to coincide with the release of PHB3 next week. All submissions must use the GSL, be no more than 5000 words, and must be PG-13. And don't forget, we're a free publication so all submissions must be donated. All content remains the property of its author and gives you a chance to be read by 1000's of fellow gamers. Interested? Contact the Warden at (wait for it...) warden@emeraldpresspdf.com with your proposal. All submissions must be completed by May 31, 2010.
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